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Prostatitis or Urethritis?

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  • Posted By: erewhon78
  • October 13, 2006
  • 09:07 PM

About 3 months ago, I had sexual intercourse with a girl I had met. Later, I learned that she had multiple partners. 1 day after the intercourse, I noticed a saliva-like transparent discharge from the penis while I was taking a shower in the morning. I went to doctor and I had a urogenital wet smear test. According to this test:

the epitelium was 12-15 in vision field.
There was st. epidermids in the flora.
The leukocytes are 5-6 in vision field.
The test results were negative for trichomanas vaginalis, diplococcus, yeast fungus and clue cells.

The doctor prescribed me Azithromycin and Levomac-O. I used them for 10 days. ( My partner also took the same tests. Her epitelium and leukocyte degrees were smaller compared to mine but single rods were found in her flora)

However, some symptoms of mine persisted. Those symptoms were continuous burning of the penis. This sensation ranged from mild to moderate. There was no decline in the stream of urine but I started to void more often. After urination, I felt a kind of wetness in the penis. There could be a mild pain on the tip of penis at testicles and in pubic zone. The saliva like discharge could also be seen especially after morning urination or after bowel movements.

Thus, approximately one month after the first test, I went to another doctor and he asked for some additional tests.

He made a prostate massage and tested the discharge. The result was 4-5 epitelium in field and no diplococcus or PNL.
In the urine test, they found rare leuckocytes and 1-2 eritrocytes.
They also perfrom a blood test for chlamydia and the result was negative.
My PSA level was 0.61 ng/ml.
I also gave another urine test with initial stream and secondary stream. The results of the test: there was no reproduction in the uroplasma culture in the initial stream. And there was no reproduction in the myoplasma culture in the inital stream.
Upon those results doctor told that there was nothing wrong in those results and added that he could not prescribe any drugs.

However the symptoms were persisting and I went to another doctor with the same test results. He said that I have nothing but all these are psychological. He asked about how often I am masturbating or having sexual intercourse. Due to my psychological mood, I was not masturbating for almost 10 days. He said that I have to masturbate 2-3 times in a week.

Lastly, I went to another doctor. He said that my problem is nonspecific urethritis or urethral syndrome. He gave me cipro and a nitrofurantoin and asked me not to drink alcohol, soft drinks with caffeine and not to eat chili food. I used the drugs for the prescribed period and symptoms dissapered. However after I stopped taking madicine the symptoms have come back. They are almost the identical symptoms before the medicine. There is also a kind of vibration in my perineum when I sit for a long time.

Is it chronic non-bacterial prostatitis?
Is it non-specific urethritis?
Are these two curable?

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  • It is chronic nonbacterial prostatitis.Prostatitis SymptomsProstatitis Symptoms vary depends on each case of prostatitis. Most Prostatitis Symptoms are related to the prostate, perineum, epididymis. Some prostatitis symptoms may include ejaculations, urinary symptoms, prostate pain symptoms, testicular pain symptoms, groin pain symptoms, perineum pain symptoms. Prostatitis and chronic prostatitis have notable differences in prostatitis symptoms.Prostatitis symptoms and Prostatitis When infected with prostatitis, the prostatitis symptoms vary from case to case. Often you will have prostatitis symptoms such as prostate pain or discomfort, perineal pain and discomfort, groin pain and discomfort, rectal pain and discomfort, testicle pain and discomfort. Other popular prostatitis symptoms may include ejaculation symptoms, urinary symptoms, lower back pain symptoms.Prostatitis Treatment on Prostatitis Symptoms The prostatitis treatment practiced in our prostate clinic is completely different from other alternative prostatitis treatments because the treatment uses a unique prostate injection to cure various prostatitis symptoms and infection. Our prostate doctor knows the mechanism of prostatitis and prostatitis symptoms better than any other doctor and urologist in the rest of the world because the prostate doctor has cured most visiting patients in the past years. Many patients have their prostatitis symptoms gone, such as enlarged prostate, BPH and prostate pain, after completion of the prostatitis treatment because the prostate medicine break up and flush out calcified and blocked deposit in the prostate ducts. The major problem now is the prostatitis symptoms. There are no effective treatment available, so you may consider some specialized treatments.Hope the above info helps.
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