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Perimenopausal Urinary Bleeding?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 23, 2006
  • 05:32 PM

I'm finding this site quite interesting. Thank goodness for Google. If someone answers, maybe I'll feel less anxious.

Several months ago (more than 6) about 2 weeks after having a period (which since I'm hitting perimenopausal stage have been getting increasingly more frequent and increasingly more painful, but wait, that's another posting site I'm sure) I noticed some blood in the toilet and on the paper after I urinated. I figured with my periods being wacky, that I was just having another one, and didn't worry about it. But the bleeding was spotty, and seemed to only happen when I urinated. This went on for several days and I finally went to my family doctor. Of course by the time the appointment came round I was no longer having any problems and the urinalysis came back with only trace hematuria. She said it was "probably nothing" but would refer me to a urologist if I liked.

A couple of weeks later the same thing happened again. By the time the appointment at the urologists came about, of course, it had stopped again. The urologist did a cystoscopy and said everything looked fine. He blamed it on "thinning lining due to being perimenopausal".

I've started being a little more conscious of what's going on, and this problem seems to occur about every 3 weeks. I have 2 to 3 days of urinary frequency and urgency, then several days of bleeding which seems to occur mostly at the end of the stream, often with clotting.

If anybody has had similar symptoms and can either tell me that I need to go back and hit the doctor and the urologist over the head, or that they're right and I should stop worrying, I'd appreciate any input.


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  • I have had cyclical hematuria for the past four months now. Like you, it comes and goes within a few days, so the GP and urologist haven't been able to examine me while it is happening. I'm still in the process of getting a diagnosis, but I found something very interesting online the other day. If you have ever had abdominal surgery (including C-section), check out on the internet something called Youssef's Syndrome. Also check out the term "fistula" on the internet. I have all four symptoms of Youssef's Syndrome: 1) cyclical hematuria, 2) continence (urination ability has not been hampered), 3) abdominal surgery or C-section history (two C-sections for me), and 4) absence of vaginal bleeding (during my cycle). In retrospect, I may have had degrees of the problem for many months, but never paid attention to my urological functions until four months ago when I developed a UTI. Then the blood in my urine cleared up and then it came back and then it cleared up, and so on. The third occurrence (that I noticed) the bleeding from my urethra became so bad that I was changing a pad every 5 minutes. I ended up in the hospital emergency room where they basically told me they didn't know what was wrong. While I laid there for 5 hours, the bleeding subsided. (I should have just gone home and laid down in bed instead.) Anyway, I hope this helps you and maybe if you get somewhere you can help me too! I believe that God can heal me. But if He doesn't, I'm "scheduled" to have another occurrence end of January. This time, maybe I will be able to notice it early enough so the urologist can examine me while the symptom is present. (Sorry to be long-winded.)
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    • January 6, 2007
    • 02:36 AM
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