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painful urination and pungent urine

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 11, 2008
  • 07:49 PM

About 3 weeks ago I was treated for what was thought to be a kidney infection. I took a course of antibiotics and things got better. But i still had slight burning sensation at the end of my penis.

The problem has gotten worse again. There looks to be tiny clear, skin like, flakes in my urine occasionally, with occasional red lines in them. The urine is more pungent than usual and feels hotter than normal. My back is sore. Not terrible but uncomfortable. My eyes burn a little and my skin will just not remain moist. It is so dry and it is as though i have aged years in a month.

Things to note if anyone can help me: I hadnt had sex in a couple of years until about 8 weeks ago. But my partner is certain she does not have std. She had not had sex in a year. She suffers from kidney stones. I am wondering if i have the same problem.

I would appreciate any input from people who have encountered or heard of something similar.

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  • Hello,Did you ever find out what this is? I'm having the same symptoms.Thanks
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  • No, not yet. I have had antibiotics to cure any potential infection. but i still have a sore back (right side) and I still have occasional painful urination. i have had blood tests all of which come back normal, and i have been referred to a urologist. what i do know, is that since the antibiotics i have urinated congealed blood. One doctor tells me that it could be a kidney stone, whereas another tells me i am not in enough pain for a kidney stone. what is left is cystitis and cancer benign or otherwise. i personally suspect a small kidney stone. it would explain the blood and the continuous low level pain, but it is too big to be excreted. i do have a pet that suffers from cystitis but if i had caught it somehow, then i would have expected the antibiotics to cure the problem. but going by other advice etc, it could be absolutely nothing. so, if you do not know what it is, get a blood test and a urine test. then get referred to a urologist. i am currently waiting for that appointment. presumably i will be scanned somehow to see if there is a stone or a growth of some kind. but whatever you do, dont hang around wondering. go to the doctor, insist on blood tests and a referral to a urologist. i can now rule out diabetes for sure as blood glucose is normal. i have been showing some signs of blood in my urine. so it may be a small kidney stone. if it is, then if you cannot afford treatment, then i would recommend the solutions of asparagus and coke on the internet. the worst it could do is give you a headache. but many people swear by it as a cheap way to get rid of a kidney stone.
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  • seriously u both need to get checked out for std's dont believe solely on ur partner being truthful about this.................get the tests or u might live to regret it......as far as i am aware u need to get certain tests done for certain things.......these dont show up in routine blood tests ! Better safe than sorry ! Good luck :)
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