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Painful Soft Ulcers on Labia-All tests negitive

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 22, 2007
  • 02:49 AM

The first diagnosis was genital herpes; however the cultrue came back negative. They tested me for every STD known and did a second test for herpes. They gave me antibiotics that would cure any type of STD or bacterial infection just incase it was something like that. All of the STD tests came back negative and so did the blood test for herpes. I have since had a bacterial culture done and it was also negative.

At first I noticed an irrition in my vaginal area, similar to the burning of a yeast infection. The next day I developed a fever of 102 degrees (it lasted 5 days). By the third day I had developed sores that turned into soft ulcers, cream in color and as big as a nickle on the inside of my labia. There were three on one side almost connecting to make one large ulcer and one the size of a pencil eraser on the other side. The sores made it almost impossible to urinate becuase of the pain. After a week the soft ulcers came off and revealed sores similar to those of Chanchroid (an STD commonly contracted from prostitutes in the Tropics). It has been over three weeks now and the sores have turned into deep scared sores with a very defined border. I have finished with the antibiotics and the sores are beginning to become irritated again. They are getting deeper and constantly itch and burn. The doctors don't know what it is and have never seen anything like this.

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  • OK, I think I know what you have! I just had the same thing, only I they re caught it before they could rupture. The biggest thing that stood out to me was that you said you finished the a/b and they are becomming irritated again.....Have you heard of MRSA?This is what I posted on the ICN(interstitial cystitis network) forum because i thought people should be aware of it... hope this helps...and let me know what you think!1st Post MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus), blood clotting factors, Mono....Hi! It's been a while since I've posted, and this isn't exactly a symptoms of IC, but I figured this was the most appropriate place to post this. I recently was diagnosed w/ MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus), and I was wonder if anyone else has had this. I had a whole ton of blood work done, and they also found that i have two protiens that cause my blood to clot more easily. I know one is protien C, but I forgot the other. Does anyone have this or any info on it?Oh, and I have mono! yipppppppeeee doooo!!response to othersThanks for posting guys! Moonheart, I was wondering if his MRSA was a skin infection? I didn't say in my post much about my case, but I the more I think about it, I think it may be helpful to some patients. I hope this isn't too graphic for some, but here it is anyway. I get boils ever so often and I just treat them at home with hot compresses, alcohol, and a topical vitamin c paste that I make from a powder. It works like a charm! Anyway, it began to drain and heal, and I am very careful about being sterile (I wear my purple latex gloves and everything lol) because I know they can spread and whatnot, not to mention I'm a germ freak. A couple days laterI woke up with this rash on my inner thighs and vulva. I looked like a to of little pimples and they all had come to a head. (I'm sorry thats really gross) I was on antibiotics already for a sinus infection, so I put neosporin on it, and for the most part by the next day they rash was gone. Two days later, i was somewhat tender in that region, and I noticed a few isolated pimple thingys; so I broke out the neosporin again and began to apply it. This is when I noticed something was VERY wrong. As I was applying it, I felt three large painful lumps on the outermost part of my labia, so i took a look, and they were large enough that it kind of pulled it out and down----like the while side had just moved to the crease of my inner thigh. Talk about I was freaking out. I decided to wait to go to the doc on monday bc i didn't have fever or anything and I didnt really want to go the the emergency room. By the time I saw my gyno, it had spread to the other side as well. She examined me, and tole me that it prob wasn't MRSA, but prescribed Bactrim (this is used for MRSA infections) just incase. I got my meds went home, and by the next morning had a fever and a horrible rash. I went back in, she swabbed it, and admitted me to the hosp. She also ti fir never feel well, so while I was there she ran 432527 million labs. The first time that they came in to take my blood, they took 13 viles, and then came back at 6 am to take another 8. Thats a WHOLE LOT of blood! lol My fever dropped by the next day after 2 iv bags of antibiotics, so she discharged me. I was happy. Right now I am taking tetracyline and it is giving me great results. Not all of the lab work is back yet, but my 1st post says what it showed so far, which is kiinda sucky, but hey, that's life. just wanted to add the details, because this is a very serious infection, and I thought that maybe it could help someone in the future.
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  • I have had MRSA six times in a period of 12 months. The third time, I had two large boils in both my right and left labia. I could not walk because it was very painful. I had to be out of work for a period of nine days. I also had to go to an OBGYN to drain one of the boils. I told the OBGYN that I had all the same symptoms (fever, flu like symptoms, and lack of energy) of MRSA. I was tested for all STD's, but of course they came back negative...I never thought it was an STD. I was told to take an antibiotic that did not treat MRSA (Flagyl). Within five days I went to the ER because the boils kept spreading down to my legs. I was given high dosages of Bactrim, but the boils came back a month later. I have taken Bactrim and I kept getting sores all over my buttocks. I finally went to an Infectious Disease doctor and was given Clyndamiacin. My last outbreak lasted for a period of five weeks. No boil just all the symptoms and finally the boil broke through on my right arm. I was given Clyndamiacin again. I felt tired for weeks after the antibiotics. This whole thing is draining...literally! The biggest problem is that physicians don't test for MRSA. I have told them over and over I have had MRSA six times, but they dismiss it. The time to get treatment is crucial. So, always ask to be tested for MRSA before it becomes a bigger problem (any small pimple could be MRSA). If you get the right antibiotics you will feel better within a week. The boils are usually drained, but then you have to make sure you don't share towels, linens, etc. My two boys (2 and 11) had it all over their backs and legs. They were both given Bactrim. MRSA is highly contagious. I finally purchased the highest grade alcohol and have a spray bottle in all bathrooms and kitchen. I use the alcohol to disinfect toilets every time it is used. I know it sounds like a bit much, but when you have had it six times in one year...you will do anything to prevent it. I almost lost my job due to this illness....I don't want to loose anything else. My boys have not had another outbreak. ( : I hope this is helpful.
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  • I am not an expert, but also consider that you may have Lichen Sclerosis. It can cause pain or irritation or thin, fragile skin that tears, or white spots and skin that is like tissue paper. I suggest seeing a dermatologist or a gynocologist (although I saw 4 before I was diagnosed.) It is uncommon. To confirm diagnosis, they take a small skin sample, and it is treated with steroids and/or hormones. Your period may change the hormone level just enough to bring it out. Try reading about it on webmd or at mayoclinic.com and if it seems like the symptoms fit. There is a support group on Yahoo.com with all kinds of help that is useful.
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    • October 24, 2008
    • 10:47 PM
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  • You could get a blood test for syphilis, but is sounds like herpes in spite of the negative results. Have you asked the men in your life if they have anything? Not that men are honest about things like this...they all seem to say they have nothing, but it might help.
    Monsterlove 2921 Replies
    • October 27, 2008
    • 05:07 AM
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  • Try taking bleach baths. If you look it up it has the amt. per gallon. With any draining wound, especially in the vaginal area, can be spread very easily. It sounds harsh but it's not much different than a pool. I use the bleach baths as both a preventative of out breaks of mrsa and as a way to prevent the spread during an outbreak. My whole family has become victims of mrsa. My children’s pediatrician suggested this. I held off then I got a infection on my labia. VERY PAINFUL. Now we do them regularly....
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    • October 5, 2010
    • 00:27 PM
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