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Odd Uroligical Symptoms, Need help.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 18, 2007
  • 10:28 AM

Well i have been plagued by strange urological symptons ever since i was in puberty. I'm now 20.

The first is more recent though. I am a male, and for the past week i have had the urge to urinate almost constantly. This is hard to say but my penis is also a bit sensitive, it seems the thought of moving/running would irritate the symptom. It is also somewhat warm, its hard to explain but its like when your in the car and need to use the restroom but can't for awhile, and it gets kind of retracted/warm/hot. This is not the first time i have had this, i have no visually detectable pus/blood of any sort in my urine. I have been drinking water in response to the need to urinate but just as soon as im done, i still feel the need urinate.

The last time i had this a couple months ago, i went to the urologist and had crystal clear urine they said, they had the ability to test it right there at the office. He had no idea what was causing the sympton and gave me an anti-biotic which i didn't feel up too taking. They also used an ultrasound to make sure my bladder was emptying and it was. I'm going to make another appointment with a urologist but i doubt he will find anything.

The other problem is more dibilitating and i have had it since i hit puberty. It's hard to say this over a forum, here it goes. When i mastuerbate, there is a random chance that after ejaculating, maybe 10-15minutes later i will have an EXTREME urgency to urinate the point where i can't even hold it, my bladder will contract on its own i have to go so bad, but not always. My urethra gets super irritated, and i urinate semen for about an hour, every drop of urine is extremely painfull, and semen is also present in there. I usually have to drink down about 32oz of water as fast as possible, and wait through about 15-20minutes of so much pain it causes anxiety, and i have to pace around it hurts so bad. I also get this symptom every once in awhile, but less likely when i have a 'nocturnal emission'. This can happen maybe once a month on average.

When it happens while im sleeping, it is usually when im unusually exhausted when i go to sleep, about 2-3hours after sleeping i have a nocturnal emission and i wake up with extreme pain in my urethra and an extreme need to urinate, i can't explain in words how badly i have to urinate, i have to urinate so bad its some of the worst pain i have ever felt.

I have explained both things to a urologist and he simply said it sounds like i have an irritated urethra but didn't know why.

I really need someone to help me think what could be causing this. It is unlikely to be an STD because i have never been sexually active, obviously, since i have had this problem since puberty.

Right now its been driving me crazy for a couple of days.

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  • He gave me the antibiotic "just in case"
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • January 18, 2007
    • 10:32 AM
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  • Hope you are feeling better. Sounds like good old cystitis, more common in women than men but hey equality and all that. Not much fun and untreated is ***l. I can actually say with all honesty I would have to really hate someone to wish it on them. But the good news is with antibiotics the symptoms dissappear rapidly-within hours but (and this is where people go wrong) you must finish the course and I would suggest you insist on a check of your urine to make sure it has gone otherwise you can find yourself a fortnight later starting all over again.That last bit goes for all urine infections especially if formed in the kidney rather than the bladder.When you suspect that your pee or the way you pee is not quite right NEVER stick your head in the sand it won't go away. IT WILL ONLY GET WORSE!
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • January 31, 2007
    • 03:22 PM
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  • He gave me the antibiotic "just in case"I am 39 yrs old , female I woke up one day and I had to urinate well it burned so bad that I just could not stand it I thought I must have a bladder infection so I went to doctor and I did have a bladder infection. well they gave me antibiotics and I took them till they were gone and I still had the very bad pain so I went back to the doctor and the same thing only this day i was urinating alot of blood., so they gave me a shot of some more different antibiotics and a week later i still felt the bad pain. T o make a long story short, that was 12yrs ago I have ben to 4 different uroligists and none of them can tell my why this is happning to me. THE ONLY THING THAT GIVES ME RELIEF is drinking alot of water until i feal it reach my urethra and then i start to feel better and for the last 4yrs now when i feel the simptons wich is every day and if i go to the doctor they never find any sign of infection but i still have the symptoms.? and for the last year i have alot of pain in my sides i think its because i have to keep my bladder so full my ureders are wore out or something? and im married but for the last year i feel its always so hard for me to get in the mood because im never feeling good in that erea.and if i do have sex and have an orgasm a day laider its like my urine wont come out write and my sides start to hurt but no since in going to the doctor becausse thet wont find anything. sorry so long but when i start talking about it i get carried away and please excuse the spelling.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • February 10, 2007
    • 01:06 AM
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