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Masturbation, and Urethral Strictures

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  • Posted By: Larry554
  • March 17, 2007
  • 05:39 AM

(note: 17 year old male)

Ever since i was born, ive had problems with Urethral Strictures (Trouble going pee, small/slow flow). Recently (last month), i had a urethral stricture, and went in to the doctors to get it fixed. The doctor did something (cant really remember) in an operation (under anesthetics), and i was sent home with a catheter to be in for 4 days. After it was out, i was peeing normally, good flow and no pain. (i have had to have a couple procedures done in my past, 3 or 4... but the Doctor said this should be the "end all be all" procedure)

Now, it seems to me that the urethral stricture may be coming back.. And i was wondering if masturbation had anything to do with this (i cant help myself from doing it :o) or it might be something else...

if anyone can tell me things do to prevent the return of this... it would be greatly appreciated

also, a side question, is it normal for nothing to "come out" when finishing with masturbating?

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  • I really don't think trouble going to the bathroom has anything to do with masturbation. And as far as nothing coming out when you're finished...that's odd. The whole point is to come into an orgasm so intense that your body releases fluid. Are you sure you're finishing? I hope this isn't making you uncomfortable, as I'm only answering your question. Don't ever be ashamed of masturbating.....even if people don't admit it, they all do it at some point or another. I do it everyday.....haha it's the best stress reliever, but I would seriously go talk to another doctor about this. Or ask your current physician what can be done. Take care and hope it all works out!
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  • I have the same thing - had it fixed, it comes back. Many have this problem. First time I ended up completely unable to pee, had to get help quick. Fortunately mine isn't deep in, so I can dilate it myself with a plastic catheter. You also get better metal dilators for this (since the stupid catheters have holes with sharp edges).Semen is thicker than urine. If it can't get through any more, that is a serious warning that the tube is very narrow. It also means strong pressure and can damage whatever tubes there are before the obstruction. The semen goes into the bladder, no problem, only the pressure is no good, and you can't live like that. You have to masturbate or your prostate will get sick. Cuming is also important for intimate relationships. And keeping the problem will give you psychological issues.I'll have to go for another fix some time, but in my country's state healthcare system, it's a bit of an epic to get in. I just think, they keep open people's arteries around the heart with spring coils, so surely they can do similar here? Do ask your doctor. If it's not deep in, as him for a pro dilator, so you can sometimes fix it yourself. Pre-**m works great as lube for that, don't use anything else. Not too painful if you proceed slowly. BUT discuss it with the doctor first. Nurses can do this, it won't take him a minute to train you.The general anaesthetic is really the scary part. If you have the guts you could ask for it local, in the scrotum. I found it wasn't remotely as bad as the usual dentist. Much more fuss and preparations they made, but no big deal.Considering what the poor girls have to accept from their private parts, I suppose we have less to complain about.
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  • I'm recovering right now from my 4th surgery. My doctor has informed me that it may come back again. I would check with your doctor to find out where the stricture lies. If it lies in front area of the penis you may be one of the lucky ones and be able to have some control by self-catherization. Mine is in the back and is hard to reach.I've had the same problem with trapped semen. During sex and masturbation. Since the semen and urine pass threw the same area. I would imagine that the pressure from the urine forces the semen out and that's why your getting the pain in male-G-spot area. I'm basing this only on my personal dealings with this. Good luck with your process.
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    • September 19, 2010
    • 04:44 PM
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