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Kidney Pain

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 10, 2006
  • 09:46 PM

I have had kidney stones in the past (not sure of the cause) and recently had a baby. During my pregnancy, I had continual right flank pain, similar to kindey stones. I had one ultra sound of my right kidney that showed a stone. I also had a case of peylo in my right kidney as well. When I delivered my child, I was given a CT scan that came back negative for stones. My problem is I still have the right flank pain. No one seems interested in finding out why I have the pain. I have taken numerous UA tests, with negative results to my knowledge. The other symtpoms I have are frequent urination and strong smelling unrine. Any thoughts or suggestions of what to ask my doctors?

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  • I have had kidney stones for 7 years now cannot passed them. Is it dangerous that I still have them? I have pain sometimes and urine smells. Whis cause damage to my kindeys if I dont pass them?
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  • Yesterday, 8-9-06, my doctor diaganosed me with "referred pain" ... I have pain in my right kidney. four days ago I went to the ER for extreme back pain after two days of vomiting and diarrhea. Blood and urine did not show kidney stone probability. Went to see Dr on Monday and he ordered CT. CT showed few spots (diverticulosis) He says I am experiencing "referred pain" from that. Severe pain stopped Monday night, but I feel "beaten-up"... back pain still there, but not severe. Any ideas anyone? I really need to decide whether to go to another doctor or just accept the diagnosis. It doesn't feel right to me. Thanks...
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    • August 10, 2006
    • 02:21 PM
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    • August 22, 2006
    • 06:55 AM
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  • You sure can have pain from kidneys and no stones. One little cyst is enough to feel awful. They can also be hard to see. And no one mentioned it--but depression for no reason is typically the first clue. Hope that makes everyone feel better. And being "tired." Recently I was positive I was passing stones on each side. An MRI is really needed for Kidney issues--I do not think KAT scans can see cysts on kidneys as much as the MRI ultra sounding. Too bad we have to pay for the wrong equipment du jour. I had cysts on each kidney exit pole this time. I will look harder at my diet of junk food. Tell them you prefer ultra sound imaging.Most ER Doctor's are clueless about kidney issues. I would just opt for the urologist and skip everyone else. I know, dragging your self to a urologist is last thing you want to do. And they are never "open" when we are in that much pain--so we end up at the ER with exhausted interns who may be studying "diverticulitis" that week, and so we are told we have diverticultis. If you have to do the ER--go in screaming so they want to shut you up. (Morphine and anti-nausea meds) while they test on you.Bottom line, do not play with your kidneys--they are your batteries. It does make it worse when no one understands or wants to take action. Worse, when urine shows clear. I just tell the interns now--give me intravenous antibiotics (I respond much better to IV) and morphine--because I am sure paying to walk in that door. If you have stones over 5 ml in size--they can put you in a bath tub that breaks them up. YOU have to ask for the special service. They do not like to tell you they offer it. Under 5 ml--the supersonic bath is not as effective and you will have to pass them sooner or later. Usually when you are under stress they will stat passing. Trust in that. A fine strainer helps because you can count how many you passed. They can be so tiny--you really have to look. Amazing such small things could bring anyone to their knees. And I am a female. I could not imagine being a guy with them.So, LOTS of water helps with a little lemon (citric acid breaks the heck out of stones) and sweetener. One reason I had no stones this time. But the cysts are a different ball game. The same symptoms of stones, true. Google Tang the Dang Stone. Re Citric Acid. Worked for me. When all else fails--grab the Vicoden. I will go on an Alkaline diet and treat them like any body cysts--and that means no caffeine for starters. Caffeine is a big culprit. I do know if we were heart patients, we would get Class A treatment.
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    • September 14, 2006
    • 09:39 PM
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  • Gideon:That is the best news I've heard so far. On Monday I will be having a sonogram. Now I know that is not an MRI, but at least it is a step past the CT scan that showed nothing. The pain was just bad Thursday morning and I thought she was overacting when she said she felt sure it was a stone. Unfortunately, it increased dramatically on Friday, and with it, nausea and vomitting. I had blood work today, but I looked that up---it won't show anything except perhaps infection. I wonder, does anyone else experience excrusitating back pain suddenly, and then a dull ache that's really nothing---I feel like a yoyo with the changes. I'm doing my laundry, lifting baskets. Then, I'm doing nothing except walking and WHAM!Thanks again.
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    • January 27, 2007
    • 06:55 PM
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  • I feel like i know you all and have been living the same life. :( :( My husband not myself has been experiencing the same symptoms. I have been by his side through it all. He hs passed about 15 stones in the past 3-5 years from 1mm to 2.5mm. Recently though we have had to visit the ER n fact in the month of Jan I would say we were there every week but 1. The thing is the last 3 times no stone has showed up. I watch my husband in agony and his blood pressure go so high i worry about a heart attack. The uroligist he had did all these tests to no avail, nothing came from them but a high calcium and uric acid level. My husband has been x-rayed and cat scanned so much in the past year he might glow in the dark now. I am becoming very frustrated though because now the uroligist only help is go to the ER for pain management. The last ER visit he waited in pain for over 3 hours until someone even looked at him its inhumane they way they get away with this in the medical field. Does the uroligist realize the medical bills involved when we go to ER??? One nurse said to me this is not a DR's office maam where you have made an appointment meanwhile my husband is crying (he never cries) and she is discuss last nights Grey's anatomy:mad: We recently lost my health insurance and i can't begin to think about the money he has lost due to time off of work because of severe pain. They have told us he has a cyst on his right kidney that has grown in the past year, but that causes no pain they say?????? He also has diverticulitis and had a hernia surgery4 years ago. Mind you my husband is 35 years old. Many countless nights my 10 year old daughter and I were in the ER. Not a very happy thing for a family especially seeing a your Daddy cry. At times the ER has made him wait several hours in doubled over pain before they even helped. This all seems unwarrented to me. Today we went to a new uroligist which cost us $120 out of our own pockets so the uroligist could order more catscans and tests i have had it!! :mad: How can they not know where the pain is coming from?? I'm tired of them giving no diagosis but flank pain. No stone they say no pain I say F u.....If anyone knows of a good uroligist in the southern jersey area please let me know....Thank You all and good luck to you..Hope
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    • February 8, 2007
    • 09:25 PM
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  • A few weeks ago I started having lower back and kidney pain. I assumed it was due to sitting at my computer for 6 or 7 hours a day, but I started researching on line about kidney stones. My urologist told me last year while I was recovering from a right kidney radical neprectomy because of cancer, that my left kidney now has 2 cysts. However, the Radiologt who did an ultrasound a few weeks prior to the onset of the pain said they are not cysts but small stones. Below is a site that tells which foods to avoid if you have or are predisposed to kidney stones. A relative was diagnosed with a high uric acid levels was was told to avoid most of the foods on this list. She has to drink 3 or 4 glasses of milk daily.http://trusted.md/blog/alvinhop/2009/06/25/foods_that_cause_kidney_stone_know_what_you_should_avoid#axzz0nrCGGpl8I'm actually hoping it is a passable/dissolvable kidney stone and not a carcinoma.
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