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I pee every 10 minutes.

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  • Posted By: Plastikfear
  • January 31, 2010
  • 11:46 AM

I'm a 30 year old female:

For the past, maybe 2 years I have experienced frequent urination that has now gotten to the point where it obstructs daily life, and inconveniences others.

I have nocturia pretty bad. At least 2 times a night I have to get up to urinate, and one night recently, got up 8 times.

Sometimes while still on the toilet, I can tell there is a little tiny drop left that has failed to come out, so sitting an extra 5 minutes and really pushing hard voids the rest, but that is severely inconvenient. I call it a "seed" because if I ignore it, 10 minutes later the 'seed' has grown into a full bladder fairly quickly.

My diet: Poor, probably. Its winter so I haven't been as active, and I haven't been eating the healthiest. But this occured even when I did eat healthy and exercise well. I stopped drinking caffeine for the most part, as well as anything else I can think of that is a diuretic. Even if I don't drink anything say, after 7pm and go to bed at 10 or 11, I still wake up and pee at night at least once.

I went to the doctor who had me submit a urinary sample. The next day they called to say the lab found no infection but they did find blood, and I had to go in the next day and submit a second one. I haven't heard back and it has been 2 weeks I keep forgetting to call, but I will do that Monday when their offices are open again.

I am not incontinent, sometimes the bladder isn't even FULL, I can tell it isn't, its just a drop or two, but I obsess about it and HAVE to go get rid of it. Sometimes I have to sit for a few seconds before any will come out.

I do NOT have incontinence, burning, itching, or pain. Just peeing all the time, regardless of how much is in there. Could be a drop, could be a full bladder.

Any ideas? If there is blood in my urine again (I hadn't had my period for at least 6 days prior to when I gave the doctor the samples) what will that mean?

I've done research on the internet, and some things sound similar but not all of my symptoms match up.


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  • Also I should probably mention that all of my symptoms seem to indicate Overactive Bladder, but for some reason my doctor never mentioned it, and isntead said it might be 'spastic bladder' and reccomended I see a pelvic doctor for physical therapy (i.e. excersizing the bladder muscle). I should've asked right then about overactive bladder, but I didn't because I trusted her judgement, but now that I am reviewing my symptoms, and comparing with overactive bladder, I don't see how she could have ruled it out without first trying to see if medication worked to relieve the symptoms. Should I make another appointment to ask about it being overactive bladder? I'd rather take medicine than see a Pelvic doctor. Also, I haven't had time to try and go give them a 3rd sample. If they keep finding blood in my urine beyond the allowable amount, and asking for samples, are they just going to keep having me give samples? She said if they find it again they'll send me to a kidney specialist, but what does that mean? The nurse didn't elaborate, and she did say that the overactive bladder symptoms had nothing to do with the possible kidney issue. So apparently the bladder/pee issue has gone relatively ignored here. I think I'll make another appointment to see the doctor and ask if she can please get me on medication for overactive bladder and in the meantime I'll ALSO do a sample to see if I need to see a kidney doctor for the other issue. Ugh.
    Plastikfear 64 Replies
    • February 16, 2010
    • 11:39 PM
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  • Update. I went to the doctor, who gave me Detrol which has helped, but not completely. I was referred to a pelvic health center, and they found I have a mild Arterial Vaginal Wall Prolapse, meaning my bladder slightly distended into the vaginal area, causing the frequent urination. They gave me excersizes to do, and a special diet that discludes items that can irritate the bladder. They also suggested my nocturia may be associated with sleep apnea. My girlfriend tested this one night when she couldn't sleep, and found that yes I frequently would stop breathing for periods of time, randomly and intermittently. I have a sleep study referral and am going to schedule an appointment. So if any of you are having frequent urination with over-active bladder symptoms, you may have a prolapsed wall... go to a Pelvic specialist to find out how to resolve it. I am going to physical therapy for the next 5 weeks.
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  • Have you been tested for sugar diabetes? If your glucose level is high it causes nocturia.
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  • Yup I've been tested for all Diabetes types: negative. I've been going to a Pelvic Health Therapist for physical therapy on my bladder (sounds weird huh?) and after first being told I have a vaginal arterial wall prolapse where my bladder slightly distended into my vaginal area, I was told later that this is very very mild and doesn't have effect on my actual frequency and nocturia issue. I've been doing excersizes and things that are helping and medication helps too. As far as going at nighttime, I found I may have sleep apnea which has a correlation with nocturia due to some hormone that usually gets released but mis-fires incorrectly in people sometimes who have sleep apnea that makes them retain additional urine, and can attribute itself to having to go frequently during the night...I did a sleep study and get the results on the 11th of June...
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  • I have same symptoms dear. Can you please update me regarding what happened with you and how you were get treated? Please
    Anonymous 1 Replies
    • December 14, 2014
    • 03:06 PM
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