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help me get the help i need.

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  • Posted By: Sarah55
  • September 1, 2011
  • 02:37 PM

sorry for the spelling mistakes. this is long.
I suspect this attempt at trying to solve my problem will be yet another waste of time, but i will try anyway.

3 years ago i developed the symptoms of an sti, i went to the clinic. negative. no treatment. oh but they did mention i had 'a lot of protein in my urine, so i've probably been eating a lot of meat'. i must have been being fed steaks in my sleep then because my diet (for as long as i have been in control of it- which is about 10 years) mostly consisted of carbs, vege and some sweet stuff and very little meat.

i go to another clinic for another test, negative. and then also do a series of swab tests myself via the post. all negative.

after a few months i go to my gp as the symptoms are still there and additional to this i am now having back pain either side of my spine. additional to this a similar pain appeared (at around the same time) at the front under my ribs. also i notice my urine is becoming more yellow dispite the fact that my drinking habits have not changed. i mention all this appart from the urine issue (the reason being i hate drs, hopsitals and find them all intimidating and uncomfortable) so i get an appointment with the gyno.

gyno appointment: i say im here about the pain in my back and front. i cant help you with that he says. a vaginal swab is taken (approx swab no. 6 for this problem) i never hear any more about it. it must have come back negative.

i stupidly decide to ignore the symptoms and they gradually get worse. i realise now even if i had persued it (again) earlier, i would probably be in the same position as i am now, because from the very off the drs have decided there is nothing wrong with me, the symtoms i am describing are the result of fantasy, and they will not be treating me for anything.

about 4 months ago i decided enough was enough. over the previous few years i had witnessed my urine go from normal, to yellow, to yellower, to brown, to dark brown and absolutley reaking. then from this state to gradually lightening again until it was clear. any half baked idiot would see this as not in any way a good sign. my urine now smells very strange. i have little knowledge of human biology but i can see that this is not good. currently my urine is sort of light, sometimes its darker. basically its gone haywire. over this time the pain in my back has increased. is is not unbearable, but it is very uncomfortable, as is the pain under my ribs at the front.

my skin, normally being perfectly 'hydrated', no lines or flaking, has gradually turned to the texture of leatherhyde. i have big shaddow troughs extending from the corner of my eyes, lines under my eyes, lines on my forehead and the skin there flakes off if you scratch it.

my mouth is dry. every morning i wake up with an incredibly dry mouth. like a hangover. my nose has become dry and my sense of smell has reduced as a result.

everytime i cut myself it takes forever to heal. i recently took a load of skin off one of my toes by accident, it spent about 3 weeks weeping and trying to scab over (bearing in mind this was a relatively small patch of skin- an inch long roughly), when it finally calmed down i was left with a bright pink scar. for something so minor. what the **** is happening to my body.

my hair is growing at a slower rate. im not talking about the hair on my head but on my legs and underarms. why?! how is this change normal?

i have relayed all of this to my gp in a detailed letter, to be met with total non acknowledgement. her response was: you are depressed. astounding. they point blank refuse to listen to anything i have to say about the symptoms i am experiencing.

i have had a blood test- 'normal'. i had a nurse test my urine and that came back as 'dehydrated and a lot of protein'- my gp dismissed these findings as.....well you havnt had a drink today have you?

i am currently awaiting the results of another urine test after getting aggressive with them (again) (exactly what testing they are doing i do not know), and also another vaginal swab- swab test no. 7 for this problem.

if anyone would like to make suggestions about where i go from here i would be very greatful. i am so fed up it is indescribable.
what further steps should i take regarding my gp?
is there another establishment i can go to for help on this matter? i cannot afford to see a private doctor.
any other forum i can go to that might be more helpful if no one has any advice here?

i fully expect to be told i am a silly immature woman with an overactive fantasy life revolving round illnesses and hospitals and that i should calm down and listen to the doctors when they tell me there is nothing wrong with me as i have had numerous different tests, all coming back normal, or near normal, or some other outcome that involves me being allowed to not be treated. This is the drs' view on me.

at this point in time i really do welcome death.

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