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help!!! been to er 2 dozen times no diagnosis yet chronic lower left abdominal pain

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  • Posted By: davesplaysaustintx
  • May 12, 2008
  • 05:11 AM

HELLO about 2.5 years ago began having periodic on again off again abdominal pain approx 24 months ago developed severe nocturia and urinary frequency with constant burning sensation after drinking 12 ounces fluid or more within 20-30 minutes as bladder would seemingly enlarge and compress adjacent organ causing intense increase in pain would have to wake 4-6 times a night and empty bladder within 5-8 seconds, no pain during urination or difficulty passing or retention, whole gamut of antibiotics and flomax ditropan vesicare etc etc etc non effectual at all pain seems to be in adjacent to left ureter left point of diamond top being navel bottom being groin pain seems to be worsening by 1% monthly have become borderline suicidal due to lack of sleep not unusual to sleep 4 hours every other night just got script 10mg ambien and now sleeping in 30 min of administration but only sleeping 5.5 hours waking while still intoxicated by sleep aid due to intensity of pain, psa checked not signifcantly elevated 18 months ago no retest only relief from pain gained by injections of antiinflammatories at ER oral peroxicam gives minor releif ultra ibuprofen do not do squat , contrasted MRI indicates phlebolith and a 2mm calcification in or adjacent to left ureter, pain stangely reminescent of having been catheterised during 12 months imbility due to back being broken 15 years ago, am significantly obese 285 lbs at 6 ft tall 100 lbs gain sice cessation of methamphetamine addiction by smoking 3 plus years ago no current recreation drug use any kind no alcohol or smoking, 7 courses of antibiotics in 2 years attempted for no testable bacterial prostatis/cystitus, paternal grandfather died asfter numerous operations for prostrate colon cancer , intensity of abdominal pain and recent pangs in left testicle has me covinced it is immediatelly life threatening worried that problem could be diverticulitus or pancreatic but how would I know have had 3 urological refferals in 2 years 2 refferals lampooned by doctors not willing to treat medicade insured patients current urologist giving no treatment for pain insomnia got a potential diagnosis of interstitial cystitus but very tentative at best just going to get cystoscopy done this coming week or 2 fearfull doctor will not perform proper hydro distension biopsy or possible potassium sensitivity test if hunners hemmorages not indicated all the er and other doctors wait and see pin tail on donkey diagnoses, treating patient like human pinball with failure to treat or make a positive diagnoses is driving me insane while doctors sit on hands I am fearfull I will die or receive diagnoses to late to make a difference in saving my life if I do not take first due to chronic pain

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