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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 7, 2007
  • 03:46 AM

I'm a generally healthy 32 year old male. About a year ago I had a UTI, went through a course of antibiotics and things were good for about 5 weeks. The UTI returned and I was put on antibiotics again and referred to a urologist.

The urologist did a regular in office exam and also scheduled me for a chest and abdominal CT Scan and cystoscopy. The CT Scan came back totally clear.

When doing the cystoscopy, the urologist found a stricture in the urethra. Her concern was that it was possibly causing urine to get trapped in the urethra and/or bladder and this is what's causing the recurring UTI. At this time she wanted to do a dialation of the urethra and see if we couldn't increase flow a little bit. This was about the most invasive and painful procedure I've ever been through...and I'm not looking forward to ever doing it again.

Fast forward 5-6 months and I now have what appears to be another UTI...today I have some burning on urination and noticed a drop of blood when finishing a void. I have an appointment to see the urologist again on Friday.

My concern is that she's so focused on this stricture that there may be something else going on and here's why I feel this way:
1) I've never had any problems urinating my whole life. Flow hasn't changed noticeably.
2) I've never had a UTI before these problems started happening.

I'm also concerned because it seems everything I've read suggests that strictures that aren't causing immediate problems should be left alone as they can easily be made worse by dialation or catherization causing scar tissue buildup.

Is it possibly that I have a UTI that's just not getting cleared up all the way (with a 6 month lapse)? Are there any things I can ask my urologist that can help reassure me that she's taking the right approach? It's been a very frustrating experience as I've been a pretty healthy person my whole life and I'd like to get over the hump on this one.


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  • When the CT Scan was done did the do the IV with the (forget the name) stuff that makes your "Insides Glow"?? If you are not happy and feel you are not getting proper care then you should get a second opinion or at least talk things over with your regular doctor. I would also get copies of your medical records from the tests you had done, this way if you do go to get a second opinion you have all the records ready for the new doctor. It is frustrating not knowing and having to go through all these tests - I know I have had 7 UTI's this year alone with 5 of them from May through October - I was supposed to have a Cystoscopy done on the 6th but it got rescheduled to the end of this month. I had my Abodminal CT Scan with that "dye" that makes you glow, and they found I have Medullary Sponge Kidney's. The Urologist hasn't even gone over my CT Scan with me yet - I called in a week after it was taken because I had yet another UTI and asked about my results and he told the nurse nothing to worry about just a few small renal stones - no mention about the kidneys. (I called the hospital to get my CT Scan results that is how I knew beforehand about the kidney's) I looked this up on the internet (shouldn't but I always do) and found out that it is a congential disease that is rare but non life threatning (thank goodness), well anyway, this type of disease causes UTI's - i also spoke with my Family Doctor about the results, he told me to still have the cystosopy and if the bladder is fine then it is due to the kidney's. I guess what I am trying to say is if you didn't have that injection with your CT Scan you should ask your doctor why and ask if they would do that - and second ask questions - tell the doctor how you feel! In the begining I finally had to tell my doctors nurse (Went to GYN in the begining) "I know my body, and something is not right" that's when she scheduled an appt - I was reffered to my family Doctor, who then in turn was going to treat it as a "sex" thing or you need to wipe from front to back (I already know this hello!) then when I was telling him about the bleeding we did the Bladder & Renal Ultra Sound - found residual urine in bladder but no clear picture of kidneys - then referred to Urologist who ordered the CT Scan and before I had the CT Scan he was convinced it was cystitis (Bladder infection - bladder didn't hurt though) then I find out about my kidneys. I am willing to bet once the cystoscopy is actually done there will be nothing wrong with my bladder. I had to tell you my story so you know you have to just keep asking until you find out - do not settle for something unless YOU are convinced they are right - have no doubts! It is very frustrating to have the doctors say it is one thing then in 2 or three months tell you it's another. Good luck to you keep us informed on the outcome! MM :)
    scaredmom 14 Replies
    • November 8, 2007
    • 01:23 AM
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  • Well...turns out I was wrong about a new infection...whether that's good or bad I'm not sure.I had a 2 sets of urinalysis this week. One the night after I noticed blood in my urine and then another yesterday at my appointment. Both were totally clean for any signs of infection. Earlier test had minute traces of blood, yesterday had no sign of blood (I haven't seen any either). We also did a bladder scan after urination to see if bladder was emptying all the way and it is...now we're still not sure. I was really expecting some sort of infection...which is the only time I've ever had blood in the urine before. Doc did happen to ask if I've been taking a lot of ibuprofen lately which seemed interesting since I told her I've been taking a bunch of Advil cold and sinus for a nasty cold I've had for about 2 weeks...she said it's a possibility that the ibuprofen may have thinned the blood/slowed down clotting to make a tiny amount or normal blood more noticeable.She scheduled me for a 2nd cystoscopy the day before Thanksgiving (yay for that 8( ). The last cysto I had ended up in a dialation which if I never do again would be OK with me...I'm not sure what I'm going to do at this point...no infection is good so maybe there's nothing actually wrong.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • November 11, 2007
    • 04:23 AM
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  • sounds like prostatitisinfection of the prostate i suggest you red up on prostatitis bacterial and non bacterial
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • November 15, 2007
    • 03:24 PM
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