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Frequent urination and uncomfotable feeling / Fear of wetting myself / Burning foot

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  • Posted By: VeronicaLights
  • April 3, 2013
  • 00:40 PM

This is going to be long...but I'm a female and since around the time I was in year 13 in 2007 I developed a pretty weak bladder, I guess. It's strange though because I think maybe subconsciously I would associate my foot burning a lot with needing to urinate, urinating, after I urinate, etc. but at the same time the uncomfortable feeling I felt would go away once the the burning of my foot left and vise versa (It's really hard to explain, and confusing). I would avoid using the toilet when I could at school somehow as much as I could, to avoid the burning of my foot and uncomfortable feeling (which most of the time meant that I would feel the need to urinate after I had just been to the toilet, until the burning faded or the uncomfortable feeling began to fade and I felt like had control), but I remember one situation when I had to do this music class and I was enclosed in a small room with some students and I just had to run out immediately basically, because I thought I was going to wet myself and I quickly went to the toilet. There was another time that year when I was walking home with a friend and laughed and then this feeling came over me that I was going wet myself so I yelled to my friend that I had to go while I was running off and I wet myself on the way home which was so embarrassing. I have struggled with this my whole high schooling years and have felt the need to keep dry so I would wear pads and stuff a lot, and if I needed to, even toilet paper sometimes, and thick underwear. I try any way I can to prevent wetting myself or that uncomfortable feeling. And would change that all sometimes often just in case I would leak, the burning in my foot would occur and that then I would relate the burning foot with having to urinate. Over a few years it has gotten bit by bit worse. Though I'd be able to make myself wait until the end of class or only go once (though I would not drink anything from when I woke up until I got home just in case), but in my last year of high school one day I felt the need to go to the toilet but decided to try and hold it in case that uncomfortable feeling / foot burning occurred and lead me to feel the need to go again, etc. But when I told my friends at school that I just didn't want to use the school toilets one that day they jokingly tried to remind me of needing to go. So then this sense of urgency set in and I HAD to just go, so I quickly went straight to the toilet. After that day I felt this great sense of urgency with needing to urinate. I would go before I left home, when I got to school, during most classes, between classes, and sometimes after school just in case. (It could have escalated a lot because this began to occur near my end of year exams which I was stressing about). When I got home that urgency wasn't bad though because I wasn't worrying all the time. (Though STILL that burning foot and uncomfortable feeling sometimes occurs when I urinate at home) But when I go out I have to know I can go to the toilet and as much as I need to if the need comes. It really creates a lot of anxiety in me about leaving the house, I don't often leave anymore in fear of wetting myself but I'm so scared to see a doctor, you know? (I've had tests for nerve damage in my foot, XRAYS for my foot only but they don't know why burns...that's about it) I'm embarrassed of my body to much so that I don't want to go just in case it's something he'll have to look at. I've noticed people writing about their very similar problems to mine and people saying it's usually mostly psychological and I've considered that it could be but with my issue, it involves the foot burning, uncomfortable feeling, and needing to feel no leakage and stuff so I'm really unsure. I don't know if anyone at all can help me out with this or whatever, but if you could that would be really good. It's just really embarrassing and it's getting so hard to cope with.

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