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Female Pain while urinating/odor -- HELP!!!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 8, 2007
  • 01:22 PM

I just recently started having sex, and my boyfriend has a very large penis. After the first time we had sex, I had general soreness in my lower area...but it also hurt incredibly bad for me to urinate. It didn't hurt while I was urinating, but only at the very end...and then it was excruciatingly painful.

I went to the doctor and was treated for a UTI...they didn't find any bacteria in my urine, but they did find a lot of blood (and I wasn't anywhere near my period at the time) The bacterial medication seemed to work, because in just a couple days I was able to urinate again without any problems.

I had sex with my boyfriend again about 2 weeks later, and the same thing happened...only this time it seemed worse - in the sense that I was in pain not only at the end of urination, but also had a painful constant urge to pee. My urine also has a very strong odor, and is maybe a little cloudier than normal.

At first I figured that perhaps my boyfriend had torn me or scratched me with his nails, and that the urine irritated it...but the pain I feel associated with peeing almost feels like it's coming from my clitoris, because it's almost a pleasant sensation...except for the fact that it's incredibly intense and painful.

I had an annual pap smear done roughly 2 days after the first time this occured (I know they test for STD's but I'm not exactly sure for which) and the results were normal.

It has been about a week now since my symptoms have occured for the second time. I am reluctant to go to the doctor for UTI medication again, especially if the next I have sex this will just happen again.

It doesn't hurt when I have sex - it only hurts at the very end of urination
I don't have any yellow-green- or otherwise thicker than usual discharge
but I do have odor and strong smelling urine that is very yellow and sometimes a little cloudy. (I drink a TON of water, so I'm used to seeing clear urine)

I was thinking perhaps this is a yeast infection (thats what my mom originially suggested the first time this happened) but I'm scared of something more serious (like gonorrehea) ...except that my painful symptoms showed up within an hour or two of having sex...

Someone have any advice? Please Help me - I can't even get through the night without 6 or 7 trips to the bathroom - trips that HURT!

Thanks so much...

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2 Replies:

  • I'm Having the same exact promblem I had sex on tuesday and now it's thursday I'm still hurting it hurt around my hole why i dont know I'm scared maybe its the strecthing but please help.
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  • Many women develop honeymoon cystitis after first time having sex or after prolonged sex. It is not an STD but it is bacterial infection and you should see a gyn for the treatment.
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