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Extremely painful hydronephrosis?

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  • Posted By: absolutanjul
  • January 31, 2011
  • 10:40 PM

I am currently 29 weeks pregnant and have been dealing with kidney issues since I was 21 weeks pregnant. This issue originally began as intense back pain that came in waves. Since this is my first pregnancy I was scared I was in premature labor. I was evaluated by our local birthing center. My urine showed gross hematuria and elevated WBCs (more so than normal in a pregnant woman). A renal ultrasound showed no stones (over 3mm since they cannot be used to visualize smaller stones) and no dilation of the kidneys. I was sent home with the diagnosis of a renal calculi and placed on norco and nitrofuratoin.

The next day I spiked a fever of 101.8 and was admitted for suspected kidney infection. After three days of treatment with IV antibiotics I was released home on vicodin and bactrum (although no bacteria grew on the culture plates).

The following week I returned to the birthing center for increasing flank pain and although the urinalysis was negative for white blood cells and red blood cells I was placed back on the nitrofuratoin. At that time a repeat renal ultrasound was performed showing mild/moderate hydronephrosis. So I went from having no hydro to mild/moderate hydro in one week.

The next day I spiked another fever of 101.3 and developed a severe cough. Doctor decided it was an upper respiratory infection and d/c the nitrofuratoin and prescribed azithromycin. My fever broke within 24 hours, but the kidney pain persisted.

I had a repeat renal ultrasound 4 weeks from the inital ultrasound. This time it showed moderate hydronephrosis in the right kidney.

Three days later I was admitted back to the birthing center due to contraction induced by the kidney pain. At that time urology ordered a repeat renal ultrasound which showed the right kidney had not worsened, but the left kidney had developed mild hydro and a new cyst that was not there three days prior. The urologist was leaning towards placing a percutaneous nephrostomy, but the interventional radiology group declined my case saying that there wasn't enough fluid to warrant their attempt. The only other option I was left with was a ureteral stent, but my OB is worried that it could cause things to be worse. There is the chance of mechanical obstruction from my enlarging uterus, also pregnant women are notorious for not tolerating stents well, and stents do not tend to last in pregnant women (something about our urine) causing them to need to be replaced every 3 weeks which would cause me to have to undergo anesthesia at least 2 if not 3 times until my son is born.

I am left in a pickle so to speak. I am in constant extreme pain. It has been so bad that I have been out on disability since I was 24 weeks pregnant. I can not do anything except lay in bed and suffer. I watch the mess pile up in my house and I am helpless to do anything about it. I feel like I am becoming severely depressed. The pain makes me nauseated and I can not eat. I lost 4 lbs when I was in the hospital and haven't gained anything since. Last night and into today has been the worst yet. All I can do is cry. The pain has already started contractions once and I am scared that it will happen again. Most of all I am scared of what all this stress and pain is doing to my son.

I have an appointment tomorrow with the urologist again, but I don't see how it is going to help anything. They are now denying I ever had a kidney stone simply because they never could view it on the ultrasound and because I have no blood in my urine now they do not believe it is a kidney stone blocking my ureter. They are also saying that hydronephrosis is complete normal in pregnancy and acting like I shouldn't be in this much pain. If it is so normal why had I never heard of it until now and why am I in so much pain?? I'm so upset and am at wit's end. Please tell me someone else has been through this and there is hope?

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  • I also forgot to mention that the first time I was hospitalized I was spilling glucose and ketones into my urine. Nothing was ever said or done about that. My urine has been clear since then.Also usually the pain is mild when I wake up in the morning and increases in strength as the day wears on. The more I am upright or on my feet the worse the pain is. Recently I can barely even sit upright and the pain is now constant. I am getting no relief even after sleeping on my left side all night and keeping well hydrated.
    absolutanjul 1 Replies
    • January 31, 2011
    • 11:06 PM
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