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Do I have Urethritis?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 19, 2007
  • 09:30 AM

A few months ago I masturbated, while I was sick, into a rag that had been sitting on the floor (don't ask me why, it was a dumb idea) ...

Ever since then it's seems like there's some kind of irritation ... not really a painful burning... but an irritation that makes me feel like I have to pee more, even though there isn't any more flowing (make sense?) ...

I've seen a couple of doctors... ruled out Prostitis and Overactive Bladder, as well as BPH or Cystitis. I've been examined rectally as well as with one of those cameras the gets inserted up the urethra. The exams came back normal, as did three urine cultures... however a comment was made more than once that my prostate was somehow 'tender.' ... I was put on antibiotics (Cipro?) for good measure and this made no difference in my symptoms... neither did a strict regimen of probiotic yogurt and Cranberry juice.

I frequently have the sensation that urine is 'trapped' or stuck in my urethra (near the testicles actually, at the base of the penis) ... and often times this is mildly painful and I can massage these few drops to the tip. I can also feel that the urethra (at least the parts I can feel) is very tender, especially underneath the scrotum and near the base of the penis itself.

Occasionally it's also painful and/or difficult to pass semen, and otherwise I've noticed no strange discharges. Sometimes it also seems difficult/painful/irritating to begin a stream of urine, but the flow doesn't seem particularly impaired? ...

Also, I'm not sure if this helps anything, but while I was initially sick and these symptoms were brought on, two things:

1: I had been on a regular workout routine of 1 hour three times a week... and this schedule was abruptly interrupted when I got sick (and never really got resumed after this all began)

2: While I was sick I tried some weird herbal orange tea to see if that would make me feel better... but it didn't... maybe it made things worse?

I would greatly appreciate some help!

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