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Am getting very afraid

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  • Posted By: toodles60
  • June 29, 2010
  • 06:06 PM

Hi everyone!

I'm really frightened at the moment. Around 6 weeks ago suddenly one day i started needing to wee almost every 5 mins. Was going at least 10 times an hour. Hardly doing anything and then feeling the need to go urgently a few minutes later. Cervical cramp like pain only relieved when i went. Went to GP who tested urine in surgery and said blood in it. Gave me trimeprothrim. Took that for a week and no better so next gp at surgery gave me cefredine. Still no better after another two weeks so she sent another sample to lab and gave me more cefridine. I phoned up this morning and was told urine result normal again. I have an appt next week but they don't seem to know whats wrong. I have a severe anxiety disorder and this is really affecting me. I have no other symptoms. No burning when i wee. The doctor even removed my coil a week ago in case that was irritating me as it had been in for 8 years. No difference. My mind is now going to awful places because i can't see what it could be and words like cancer keep going through my mind. Why the cervical pain and constant weeing and yet no infection? Due to my disorder i get very anxious and always fear the worse but can't see what else it could be if not something serious.

Hope someone can help

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  • Chances are you just have an over active bladder which is easily treated. I too have severe anxiety and understand your fear. I will tell you that I had the same problem and it was OAB.
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  • Thankyou so much for replying. It's eased my mind a bit. I did go to the gp and saw yet another one who said 'Have you thought it could be your anxiety causing it" I got quite annoyed because i'm a bit tired of doctors not even examining me and attributing things to my anxiety. I really hope you're right because i've been so worried. i have been referred to urology at the hospital but none of the doctors at my gps surgery seem to be worried. I don't know anything about an overactive bladder. Would that simply occur overnight? One day i was fine and the next i started going to the loo constantly. Now two months later its still constant and i do get pain almost like period pain and also cervical pain. If it is simply an overactive bladder (which compared to what i'm worrying about would be a relief) is it treatable? This really impacting my life and my ability to go anywhere.Thanks again for the help:)
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  • I had a UTI and the over active bladder took over from there. I kept thinking the UTI was back so I went to the urologist and he diagnosed the OAB. The doctor said the pain is caused by the bladder going in spasm's. I take Enablex to treat this and it works pretty well. There are days when I am still running to the bathroom often but for the most part things are much better. So glad that I was able to ease your fear a bit. I understand the anxiety as I fight it every day.
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  • Forgot to tell you, everytime I have to go to the emergency with my blood pressure and dizziness I am told it is just anxiety. Once they find out we have this problem it is always the cause of whatever we are suffering. I get so tired of this.
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