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Waiting & worrying

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  • Posted By: FireDiva
  • April 22, 2007
  • 00:50 AM

My 'symptoms' began at the beginning of February 'o7. I started getting a weird feeling on the lower left front/side of my neck. A feeling of a little bit of tingling/pressure. The weird feeling initially lasted for a week but will come back lasting a day or 2. As time went on the left side ofmy neck felt like it was swelling. Because it was getting worse I decided to go to the Dr. on March 10th. I had a thyroid panel & CBC test done. Both tests came back fine. He sent me for a Thyroid ultrasound because my thyroid felt 'full' to him. A week later the swelling had become much worse & was on both sides of my neck. I went back to the same Dr. in hopes of getting some kind of med for relief since I'm allergic to Ibprofen & didn't know what else to take. I also got the results back on my US which showed I have a 8.4 mm nodule on my RIGHT lobe. I was/am confused b/c the symptoms are mostly on the left. I can't get in to see the Endocrinologist until May 22nd!! the earliest the can get me in. :( So I've just been sitting back playing the waiting game & stressing over this nodule & the symptoms I keep having. I'm scared it's a type of thyroid cancer.
I did go to another Dr. because my glands/nodes under my jaw started to swell & were very sore. I also told her about the 'weird' feeling I keep having. She ordered a CT scan to rule things out. She also put me on Augmentin, which seemed to help. I'm almost done with the antibiotics but my lymph nodes, mostly on the LEFT side of my neck are swollen. I have 2 that I can see when I turn my head to the right. (while looking in a mirror) they are not hard but are pea sized & don't seem to want to go away. I have also noticed in the last couple of days that a couple more lypmh nodes are swelling on/near my juglar vein on the left side of my neck. These nodes I have to feel around for and are not sticking out like the other 2, but I can tell they are bigger than normally. My CT scan came back good. Only thing it shows is the tiny nodule I already know about.
I'm scared that the reason my nodes a reacting this way is because the nodule may be cancerous. I've never had swollen nodes like this before and the fact tha I'm on antibiotics, it rules out alot of other possibilities for the swollen nodes. I hate that there's that possiblity and I *have* to wait for the biopsy. I feel ike this is precious time being wasted and there's nothing more I can do right now except wait.

Btw I have taken a small amount of Orapred (Steriod) a couple of times which did work & made my neck feel 'normal'. But obviously I need to get to the root of the problem.

I'm trying to stay positive but this waiting & not knowing what's wrong with me is killing me! I'm worrying myself sick. I would like to hear from others who know more about this kind of stuff. I'm embarrased to say, but I didn't even know exactly what a thyroid was until I went to the Dr. in March! Ack!

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  • I'm so sorry so hear about your case.According to my personal experience due to your case,it was an inflamation occured in your lymphatic nodes therefore it caused to anlarge or swallen.I said so is because i have treated many patients who encountered the pretty much sanme condition as yours.I'm a freelance reflexologist and had helped a lot of people recovered from all kinds of diseases.My suggestion is stop taking any antibiotic or any medications at this moment.Go for Natural supplement(be sure you take an organic supplemant but not the synthetic one).Why i strongly advice not to take the synthetic supplement is because the synthetic one is made from combination of several kinds of chemical to produce vitamine A,B,C,d,calcium magnesium and others...It does not work vert well in our body system.In contrast the natural supplement is derived from natural plants.They refined it and make it in tablets or liquid.These are the nutrient can be easily utalised by our body cells.I do understand a lot people do not know how to recognise which one is the natural/organic and which is the synthetic supplement because thier ingrediants look preety much a like.In order to avoid from any confusion ,here is some brands of natural supplement that you can go for:1)Gardenoflive 2)NowPease go to your nearest health food store but not at regular glocery store .The price would be a little costly then the synthetic supplement.But is ok ,you invested the best quality nutrient for your health.I have to tell you why i'm so confident with my opinion because i have done -foot reflexology treatment and they had recovered very well without using any prescription drug but supplement.I really you would try boyh foot reflexology and supplement.You can do it at home by your selft as well if you can't find any foot reflexology at your place.For your case i would suggest you to massage the reflex point as below:Start from kidney---2)ureter----3)bladder---5)lymph nodes---6)liver---7)pitutary glands---8)thyroid gland---9)parathyroid glands....and other reflexes area as well.Before you started you can visit to www.footreflexology.blogspot.com to learn the foot chart and reflexes area and thigs that you should do before you get started.I wish you good luck!
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  • UPDATEThank you for your reply.I finally got to see the Endocrinologist today. I was so nervous before the appt. because I thought for sure I was going to get a biopsy on the nodule I have & worried what the tests would've shown.But all that worrying was for nothing, I guess. He felt all over my throat/neck and asked a bunch of questions. He looked over my CT scan & Ultrasound disc that I had brought with me, then came back to the room with 3 months worth of Synthroid (levothyroxine sodium). He said my thyroid is enlarged & was giving me the meds to help shrink it back down. I've never heard of this drug before, but have since found out that it's used for Hypothyroidism. I didn't think I had that since 2 different thyroid panels showed everything fine. I guess the panels can show everything fine and still be Hypo??My lymph nodes did return back to normal once I stopped the antibiotics, but have also became enlarged & went back to normal since then. So I'm not going to worry about them now, since they do not stay large.I kinda wish they did do a biopsy on the nodule to rule out cancer but he obviously doesn't think it's anything to worry about & told me it was nothing to worry about. My next appt. check-up with him is in 3 months. We'll see what happends then...
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