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Thyroid Undiagnosed 19 year old girl, please help!

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  • Posted By: AngelaMarie
  • December 11, 2012
  • 02:42 PM

Just a warning to you all this may be very long to read. I will start by saying I am 19 , my symptoms started when I was 14 and gradually
grew over time. The list of symptoms I have is extremely long so bare with me here it is:
No period for months at a time (9 months was the longest and I am not sexually active).
Hair and nail thats brittle
Dry skin
Loss of appetite
Dizzy spells
Dilated pupil on right eye
Lump in throat on right side that keeps getting larger
Headaches on right side of head
Nosebleeds in right nostril
30 pound weight gain despite no change in diet
Hot flashes
High blood pressure
Right atrial fibrillation
Despite sleeping for 18 hours a day I am still incredibly tired
Lumps in right breast.
Those are my current daily symptoms , I went from being extremely energetic to being weak and tired .
Normal activities like walking exhaust me completely when before i could walk for hours not getting tired.
My dr has checked my thyroid, no issue there although I am pretty certain that it is that. My family on both parents side have heavy thyroid
issues( graves , hypo , and hyper).
I have been checked for anemia , mineral and vitamin deficiency, as well as seen an internal medicine dr and cardiologist. I am on blood
pressure pills to control my heart rate( it would sky rocket while sitting down to 130 beats per minute.) all my tests come back saying I am
healthy yet I still feel so incredibly ill. The lump in the right side of my throat near the base of my neck swelled up the right side of my face and made it hard to breath, I went to my dr to see what she thought and she told me to deal with my symptoms. I ended up being hospitalized because it became so bad I couldn't swallow, I went into shock and had chest pains. Ive been checked for sleep apnea and anxiety issues none of which I have . The only conclusion from the Drs I can get is that I am over weight. They cannot explain to me why I have a lump in my
Throat or why I have no period, why my heart beat skyrockets dangerously . I keep getting told it is normal
For me to not have a period and that nothing " seriously " wrong is happening.
If I am perfectly healthy why do I need to be put on blood pressure meds? I am having a hard time being taken seriously from the drs. If anyone could help or give me advice please do! I just want to go back to my normal self!

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  • Go get an MRI done of your pituitary gland and tell them to check for micro or macro adenomas, these small tumors on the gland can hide the TSH tests real results, dont be scared most people just go ahead and get treated for thyroid problems and leave it at that, there is always a underlying cause, if they do find a tumor which is almost all the time benign, they can do small surgery through the sinus cavity to remove it and alleviate all your symptoms and youll feel happy and like a human being again ! stay strong and dont give up, GET AN MRI , your eyes being affected can be from the tumor pressing on the optic nerve! along with all the other symptoms, if your pituitary gland is being taken over it cant allow the other glands to do there jobs correctly, it is the master glands that controls all, sounds hypo to me Goodluck and trust your body and instincts dont take no for an answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    • February 26, 2013
    • 07:39 AM
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