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Thyroid and ADD/ADHD??

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 13, 2009
  • 11:10 PM

I have all textbook signs of Hypothyroidism. I also have ADD/ADHD and take medicine which may cause Hyperthyroidism. I took a TSH test yesterday and will not hear back for a couple more days. I am worried that my results my show a false positive. Can medicine do that to the point of skewing results?

There are many studies and internet sites that correlate the two. They both give the same kind of symptoms in regards to concentration, no energy. Most of the studies I read talked about ADD/ADHD being misdiagnosed with thyroid problems. I spoke with my Doctor a few days ago and asked him if there was any relation and he said no. There is more evidence that points to a correlation.

What do you think?

Does anyone that has Thyroid problems also have ADD, or ADHD?

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  • Does anyone that has Thyroid problems also have ADD, or ADHD?Yes, many things can be related to thyroid issues like ADD and weakness...My 85 year old mother just went through a major ordeal because she was diagnosed with a goiter and hyperthyroidism. She was very anxious to the point of paranoia, had ADD type symptoms, could not focus, even her handwriting changed, but in addition all to all these conditions it was compounded by the fact that the DRs had prescribed a drug (a beta blocker) which made her act like she was headed straight for the Alzheimer's unit. She actually misplaced money, ran around frantically trying to find it, and then accused me of stealing it, which if you knew my mom would NEVER happen under normal circumstances. You could not have a normal conversation with her: it either did not make sense or she would walk off mid-sentence and start searching for some unknown misplaced object. Plus she had weakness and even fell while tying to use a public restroom!Plus the same DRs ordered a radioactive scan instead of the cheaper safer ultrasound. Their proposal for treatment was blowing away most of her thyroid with radioactive material (RAI) which would most likely make her permanently hypothyroid. Thank goodness for the web! I researched all her symptoms, located the offensive prescription, and sought out another endocrinologist who agreed with me about the fact that she more likely had Graves disease (which can go into remission) and needed a gentler approach. She is now on antithyroid medication and off that other terrible mind altering drug. We are going to run more labs in 8 weeks. I had the first lucid conversation in 2 months with her last night. She says she's hungry again. She'd been losing weight steadily for the last few months and too obsessed/depressed to eat.So yes, anyone who has a goiter or matches thyroid symptoms should have the DRs run ALL not just some of the thyroid labs including antibody. If you can, request copies for yourself and use the web to help interpret them. Carefully consider your alternatives when offered drugs or RAI. These can change things for the better, but also for the worse. In the case of RAI it is IRREVERSIBLE. Be vigilant or be prepared to pay the price: hypo for hyper, hyper for hypo...
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