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Synthroid and Hypothyroidism

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  • Posted By: k333ly
  • July 18, 2008
  • 10:48 PM

Just started my "trial" pill packs 2 days ago...take one in the morning when you first wake up every day, same day, without food. Eat an hour later right?

I've been reading up a lot on Synthroid and all I hear is a lot of negativity about it. First of all, who is on it, and will I really gain weight???
I already continue to gain weight before despite diet and running my butt off a few times a week. Right now they have me on a 3 weeks supply of 50 mcg, then a week supply of 100 mcg to see how I feel in a month. My biggest problems I have/had before being diagnosed were(I have been borderline for years, and just NOW got diagnosed with actually being hypo)
-numbness in arms and legs randomly
-sleepy...a lot
-random aches and deep muscle pains in arms and legs and hands...feels almost like it's in the bones...
-digestive problems
-terribly random headaches where it feels like somebody punched me in the back of the head/neck randomly for a few minutes
-my heart palpitations (just a PAC) have gotten worse and worse and happen multiple times a day now instead of every once in a while
-menstural irregularities

Main concern- what is the best thyroid med out there? (In your opinion) I want to loose the weight I've been gaining, not GAIN MORE with meds- which I know it is important to take them, the pros in this case would weigh out the cons on weight gain...but I'm seriously sick of gaining weight!! I don't want to start loosing hair either.... =/

I know there is another one...starts with an A and is made from pig thyroids, I forgot the name of it something like Armour???...anyone have any luck with that one versus the others??


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  • Hi,I was on Synthroid for 4 years and it didn't solve my hair loss problems. Although, I did lose weight on it, but I can lose weight easily with exercise, nutrition, and resistance training. That's another factor in the whole ball game of hypothyroidism.Now I'm on Levoxyl, another brand name, and I like it much better. It solved my hair loss problem fast.I can't take Armour or Cytomel, which is sometimes offered with L-T4 if your T3 is low. I can't take anything L-T3 in it because of a prior heart condition.If you go to the Armour and Cytomel websites, they state that one should not take either one if they have certain conditions, esp. heart conditions.The best thyroid medicine for you is the one which works for you best.
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    • September 18, 2008
    • 00:36 PM
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