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pregnant and hypothyroid

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 30, 2007
  • 03:37 AM

Hi i have been diagnosed hypothyroid since 2003 after having my last daughter. I was diagnosed when she was 10months old and i was feeling suicidal, depression etc. The doctor diagnosed postnatal depression and tried putting me on anti depressants, i said i didn't want that and could he check all hormones as this was my third baby and i have never been like this before. Reluctantly he did but saying it will all be normal and it is in my head.....Great doctor!!!!! As it goes it was under and i started on thyroxine 25mcg.

I am now pregnant again just before falling pregnant my dose was upped to 125mcg and then i fell pregnant they asked me to up it to 150mcg. They put me under an endocrinologist which to be perfectly honest wasn't much cop... I was 24wks pregnant and my tsh was 0.05 and t4 was 16 i did feel warm but always have done during pregnancy but all other symptoms fine. They asked me to drop my dose to 125mcg as i was going hyper. I did this for about five wks i then became breathless, water retention was out of this world put on about a stone in that five wks not good.. Goes back to see endo i told them my symptoms they didn't give a hoot told me to stay on 125mcg. I then tested thyroid a week later my tsh was 0.9 and t4 12.9 i went to docs saying i felt like an elderly lady i took two steps and was panting breathless, he said go back up to 150mcg and see how it goes. I have been fine since until about a week ago i am now 34wks pregnant just very tired, dry skin, feel like i am going under....Had a phone call today from doctor to say that i am hyperactive my tsh0.09 but t4 is 12.1 at bottom end of scale i am getting water retention again so this is where i am at at the minuite i haven't a clue what is going on. I am going to drop my dose tom morn and see how it goes doctor as referred me to endocrinologist as they discharged me. I asked why my t4 was falling instead of rising they said in pregnancy it is different. I really don't want to go and see the same endo because personally i know they are trying to take care of baby as i know being hyper is harmful to baby but at the same time i don't think they give a monkey about me, i have a family to take care of and at the time was also working but because of this took earlier mat leave. The breathlessness was really bad it affected everything and putting a stone on in a few week is not good either and they were telling me to ignore it....If they had there way i would probably be bed ridden by now........Sorry to go on but it has cheesed me off to say the least...Sharon

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