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Is my Thyroid cause for all my chronic pains?

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  • Posted By: buena36
  • May 24, 2008
  • 09:42 AM

Hello to all,

I want to know are all my pains (chronic and for very long time) from Thyroid?
Since Secondary School I have face and eyes pains and am very tired (sleepy).

Diagnoses from 1986:

1. Sinusitis maxillaries chr. cath.
2. Rhiniits hypetrr. et sicca anter chr. cath.
For that I am looking the cause for very long time. Doctors told me, that my pains in the face and eyes are from the neck muscles. They are not from Thyroid. My photo shows that is some kind of problems with hormones and glands (my look is totally different than I look healthy).
In the last time I had more medical examinations: Head CT scan; Neck CT scan and was also visiting Orthopaedist. On the end is nothing. I am still on the beginning.

I have Hypotireosis since September 1989 when have asked my doctor to see how is my Thyroid? Before that I was reading all about this small gland and it seemed to me that could be the cause for all my pains.

He has sent me to Ultra Scan and also for blood test.
Ultra Scan has shown that the right part of the gland is ticker than left part. It has shown also, that my TSH and T3 are not right.

Here are the dates and results:


TSH - 10,90 (0,17 - 4,05) = too high!
T4 - 85 (53 - 182)
T3 - 2,01 ( 1,09 - 3,12).


TSH - 7,33 (0,47 - 5,01) = too high!
T4 - 11,97 (9,14 - 23,8)
T3 - 2,58 (2,58 - 5,44).

8.6.2005 (Austria-Hospital):

TSH - <0,03 (0,10 - 4,50)
T4 - 21, 1 (5,9 - 19,70) = too high!
T3 - 2,8 (1,9 - 4,5) .


TSH - 6,493 (0,35 - 5,5) = too high!
T4 - 17,7 (11,5 - 22,7)
T3 - 3,7 (3,5 - 6,5).

I have all symptoms that Hypotiresis gives:

1. Dry nose mucus membrane;
2. Muscle spasm on the neck, head and face;
3. Bad digestion;
4. Eyes pains;
5. I am very tired,
6. My face is swollen
7. My look changes; and so on.

The bad thing is that Tirologist told me 1993, my pains are not from Thyroid but from neck muscles. There is also problem when I ask to do some more research of that, my doctors says, they do only blood test and that is all. As I take hormone every day in the morning (75 mg of Euthyrox) it should be better but it is not. Do I take the hormones or not all is the same!

Medical doctor in Austria, 2005 told me to make research of my Thyroid. He told me also that I was born with small Thyroid.
Doctor here told me, I had Lymphocyte inflammation in my childhood (I don’t know about that).

Is anybody there that has or had something like that?

Thank you,

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11 Replies:

  • You have hypothyroidism and that is the cause of many of your symptoms if not all. With advanced cases a puffy, expressionless face is quite common. It is caused by myxedema. I had it myself, and it dissapeared after I was put on the right amound of medication. Some people do not get well from all symptoms with Levaxin (Euthyrox). Many people need to use a T3 supplement as well since they can't convert T4 to T3. Others find that a medication made from animal hormones (Armour) works better. You most certainly need to get your labs done again, and you should ask for the following: TSHT4T3Anti-TPOAnti-TG If any of the 3 first tests are off then you need to up your medicine. The 2 last ones will tell if you have an autoimmune type of thyroiditis. The pain in your neck could be from degenerative disease in the neck, since degenerative disease is quite commonly seen with thyroid problems. Like you I have a dry mouth, and I also have dry eyes. They ran tests to see if I had sjogrens syndrome, but so far I test negative. Sjogrens is also commonly seen with thyroid disease as are many other diseases. Hope this helps some... Kiera
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  • Hello Kiera, Thank you very much for helpful answer. There is other thing: I was September 2007 by one Bioenergetics (I don't know how you call them - they heal with hands) and he looks first acupressure points on the foot. After that see what is wrong. He is the only one that does help me. Nobody from classic medicine! He told me then that my Hypophyse is not right and all my pains in the eyes, face and neck are from that. Even my plexus is painful (I can eat only very easy food, like soup and vegetables) otherwise have stomach pains. What do you think about that? Kind regards,Buena
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  • Hi Buena, I don't really know what to answer you, other then telling you that I have never read or heard of Thyroid problems causing pain in the eyes, face or neck. Like you I have many issues going on. I have neck pain, and lower back pain. Both are most likely caused by degeneritive disease. Like you I also have problems with my stomach (acid reflux) and I have had ulcers throughout my colon. To accompany it I have joint pain. I have other problems as well. Extreme hunger pains that I am sure are from elevated insulin values (c-peptide), extreme fatigue that makes me sleep away half of my waking hours and numbness in 3 toes and on the side of my thumb just to mention a few others... In my opinion, the problems I have are not caused by my thyroid, but the other way around. I think other things going on in my body are causing my thyroid to fail. If you are having problems digesting foods then that is something that you should look into. Ask for a gastroscopy. Wishing you the best health... Kiera
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  • Hi Buena & Kiera, one thing i have noticed, having talked to people at the pain clinic & at MRI scan a thing we all have in common apart from pain is thyroid problems all hypo, i do believe there could possibly be a link although i can not prove it.....its just a thought ! Regards to u both :)
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  • Hello Kiera, I think that you are maybe right. Maybe is Thyroid from the neck vertebra? I have a book where each neck vertebra is for one disease, like: C2 - for sinusitis.C3 - for trigeminal neuralgiaC5 - for shoulder blade muscles.C7 - for Thyroid. I have all that on my x - rays pictures. There was Russian Orthopaedist (chiropractor) who told me 1997, that my C5, C6, C7, TH1, TH2 and TH3 are not good and make some blockade of blood circulation. When I was last time by normal Orthopaedist he told me, that is nothing (because I can return normal my head). Now, who is right? I have problems from the top of my head as a pressure down to eyes holes and face. Something is there that makes me very sleepy with swollen face (as Tootsie knows). I think sometimes they should get the same disease and then can know how it looks like. About eyes and face pains: they are from sinusitis (very dry and tiny mucous membrane). I can't sneeze like normal people do: everything is blocked. I am not sweating like normal people: instead bellow my arm my hair is totally wet from sweating. Maybe I am some special sort of people and should come to medical encyclopaedia. If I could have enough money I would go to some medical research centre (Switzerland or UK) and stay there as long as they don't find what is wrong with me? Kind regards to both,Buena
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  • Here is a very good chart. Maybe you should ask for a MRI of yoru C and T areas. http://www.jointspinecenter.com/images/spine_function.gif Kiera
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  • Hello Kiera, Thank you for link. I have it since long time. Here are new results from my Thyroid: TSH - 3,472 (0,36 - 5,50)T3 free - 3,3 (3,50 - 6,50)T4 free -16,70 (11,50-22,70) Creatin - 76,19 (42 - 97)Kalium - 3,9 (3,5 - 5,0) For other you wrote to me, my doctor has sent me to the Tirologist (doctor for Thyroid). I have to wait. I have asked him to send me to the Endocrinologist but he sent me first to that specialist. Regards,Buena
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  • Hi Buena,Sorry I never got back to you, I must have missed you last post somehow. TSH - 3,472 (0,36 - 5,50)T3 free - 3,3 (3,50 - 6,50)T4 free -16,70 (11,50-22,70) You definitly hypo. If I were you I would ask to be put on a trial period of meds. Also your potassium (Kalium - 3,9 (3,5 - 5,0)) is kinda low. You should keep an eye on that and have it retested again soon. Here are symptoms caused by low potassium: weakness or tirednesscramping in arm or leg muscles. This is sometimes severe enough to make it impossible to move arms or legs, similar to paralysisabdominal cramping or bloatingnausea or vomitingtingling or numbnesspassing large quantity of urine or a frequent sensation of thirstirregular psychological behavior like depression, psychosis, delirium, confusion or seeing or hearing things (hallucinations)fainting due to low blood pressurepalpitationsconstipationabnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias)Kiera
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  • Wow! I read your post and I have the same symptoms. The sweating thing struck me as odd. Just recently my right arm pit sweats profusely, but nothing else does. It also smells, but the left dont. Do you have this same thing? This just started after my third child, I think the birth of three children pushed my levels over the edge.Why are you hypo and not hyper? I was told I had thyroid problems, but that levels were fine three years ago, I haven't been back and are having major troubles now, but wondering why you are not hyper?I think I am hyper because I weigh 105 pounds and I am 5'4" but I dont know if that makes me hyper versus hypo?
    standardfamily 3 Replies
    • August 15, 2008
    • 11:51 PM
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  • Hi, I was born with small thyroid and I am always frozen. Hypo means that my thyroid doesn't work enough that we need more warmth. I don't know how many kg you have, I have 55 kg. That is European and my height is 165 cm (I think, 5'5 inch?). I have other problems and the worst is just Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia as also very dry nose mucus membrane. My pains are steady and have no painkiller at all. Regards,Buena
    buena36 20 Replies
    • August 18, 2008
    • 10:39 AM
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