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Is it Graves Disease?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 24, 2011
  • 10:33 AM

My girlfriend was diagnosed with Graves disease about 1 year ago after complaining to her doctor about not being able to lose weight despite a low calorie intake and exercising along with me commenting that her heart rate seemed fast all the time.

After a referral to a consultant he diagnosed her and put her on a course of Carbimazole. Her blood test results were up and down, always showing too much or too little of the hormone, but as of late (1 year on) has settled and now he is saying to take her off the Carbimazole and monitor it with blood tests. If required they will go down the iodine route.

Now, everything I have read makes me wonder if she actually even has Graves disease! Reasons being:

She is slowly losing weight, but struggling to do so - not the rapid weight loss people describe. Her appetite is normal, sometimes sub-normal i.e she doesn't get hungry despite only eating small amounts.

She doesn't sweat very much.

She has a slight hand tremor but nothing major.

Her heart rate is raised all the time.

She feels the cold - I believe graves disease sufferers feel the heat more and prefer cooler temperatures. She will bask in the sun all day long if she could, and feels cold when I am perfectly fine with the temperature.

She sleeps like a log.

Her eyes are not popping out!

She occasionally has bouts of hyperactivity and nervousness / anxiety but has been like this since a child.

Her hair is thick and shiny and strong.

I appreciate not everyone has the same symptoms, but it seems that she gets almost the opposite of graves disease symptoms. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks and sorry for the long post

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  • Doctors tend to pick diagnosis that they are most comfortable with and that fits the most symptoms. One doctor may focus on one small detail, but miss the big picture. If you have an issue with the diagnosis, dispute it. Tell the doctors that you really don't think that their guesses are right and that you want a second opinion. Now for what you listed... it does sound like she could have hyperthyroidism, but I cannot say if it is Grave's (another form of hyperthyroidism).Her heart rate is raised all the time.This is something that would hint to hyperthyroidism. The thyroid regulates hormones for all of the body and if it is making more of one, it is likely producing more of others... and it does control metabolism along with body temperature control, etc.Her eyes are not popping out!Not necessarily a symptom, but a common observation by doctors that has been added over time. Also, sometimes it takes someone who hasn't been exposed to the individual for a long time to take notice of anatomical differences.Her hair is thick and shiny and strong.This is something that doesn't fit normally with and thyroid disease... unless they're pregnant. >.> I'd check on that. XDAnyways, good luck.
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  • Hi thanks for your reply.She is definitely not pregnant!!! LolThe thing that intrigued me is that despite her heart rate being high, and her calorie controlled diet combined with exercise, she is not seeing the weight loss which would be expected. Hopefully the next blood tests will show good results and we can go from there I guess!
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