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I think I'm hypothyroid and nobody believes me.

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  • Posted By: superja
  • November 19, 2010
  • 00:37 AM

My doctor tells me I shouldn't be self diagnosing but somebody has to fix me :( I guess I'll describe why I think I'm hypothyroid and hopefully get some honest input. It's so frustrating.

I haven't been feeling much like myself since last winter, when I began to feel exhausted no matter how much sleep I got. I'm in university and I'd end up skipping lots of my morning classes so I could get 14 hours of sleep in, but I'd still be exhausted. I'm not better, but I'm getting used to it- being exhausted is a way of life now.

In the past few months I've noticed a ton of symptoms appear. Every muscle and joint I have is sore, no matter what I do or don't do. My eyelids hurt- I never knew they could hurt. I've developed carpal tunnel even though I don't do that much typing. I'm crazy weak- I need help opening juice bottles because I can't break the seal. Every time my boyfriend comes over I'm getting him to lift/move things for me.

I have zero motivation and self esteem. I cry all the time now and I never used to. I'm constipated and have lost my appetite- and I know when I should eat, but if I do I feel nauseous and bloated so I don't want to. I haven't gained any weight, so the doc says I can't be hypo, but I'm not eating. I've literally had two granola bars and some juice today- I'm pretty sure I can't gain weight on 600 calories a day no matter how hypo I am.

I'm constantly frozen. I have to sleep with heat packs or I'll lie awake all night shivering. I've lost my memory, which used to be basically photographic. I'm struggling to understand things that should be simple for me. I'm forgetting the names for things, how to spell words, and misplacing things in bizarre spots- car keys under the bread, juice in the cupboard, etc.

I'm sure I've forgotten things and will remember them later... oh yeah, my hair feels different than it used to and my periods are incredibly painful.

My grandmother has been hypo her entire life so she suggested I get checked for that when I was complaining to her one time.

I have another TSH-only test on Monday, which will probably come back normal. :( The doc refuses to do any more thyroid tests till we try everything else. She is pretty sure I have fibromylagia and TMJ though, which from what I've read are semi-common symptoms of hypo.

Anyways, I'd like some advice on whether I'm actually probably hypo or just pretending like I apparently am, and how to get a doctor to listen to me. She hasn't even taken my temperature.

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  • find a dr who will worl WITH you, sounds just like me 1 yr ago, by the time anyone would listen i was 2 days away from coma, they even told me when i went into er that there "was nothing wrong with my thyroid" because i asked them to check thyroid/diabetes,,,untill the lab work came back!! watch ur thyroid, check levels every 3 months, depression can mock this diesease, ppl told me i was only depressed, now those ppl cant look me in th eye,ITS YOUR LIFE, YOUR BODY, YOUR HEALTH AND REMEMBER THAT DR IS SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING "FOR" YOU,, FIND ONE WHO WILL
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 20, 2010
    • 08:12 PM
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  • You may have Wilson's Tempreture Syndrome...this can be brought on by stress, and shows the same symptoms, but unlike hyperthyroid is able to be corrected with medication, doctors don't always recognise it! B Caffell NZ
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • February 9, 2011
    • 06:37 AM
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