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Hypothyroidism hospital visit 4 times misdiagnoised? Please help me

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  • Posted By: Dreamtemperature
  • August 22, 2010
  • 10:56 PM

I'm Twenty, my name is Erin, I weigh 132, I just want to know what I can do. I've been to the hospital many times and things are getting worse, I can't even walk up the stairs to my apartment without wheezing, choking and having to lay down. In the past month I've gone from going out walking everywhere to being bedridden, and only able to eat a small amount.

I went to the hospital almost 4 times within a month. I've had heart palpitations, and racing heart everyday. I've started taking Magnesium and it calms the palpitations a bit, but they are still there. Last night I went to the hospital because I had two sudden attacks of my heart rate suddenly bursting up to 150-160, with me laying down in bed trying to go to sleep. I have every sign of Hypothyroidism and I asked the Doctors at the hospital to test me even my doctor which I am going in for a blood test for on Monday said it sounds like I have a thyroid problem. The results at the hospital came back fine for my thyroid levels. No Sign of a Thyroid problem?

When I was a child I was very thin then I jumped up to and had so much weight gain I got stretch marks, then I lost it again when I started cross country gym class. I wore a size 2, and I noticed not even a month after school ended I was in a size 7. My skin looks awful. I'm epileptic so I take Topamax and it causes weight loss and probably the reason why I only gained up to 167. Everything seems to be getting a lot worse but I've noticed these symptoms the most:

Pressure behind left eye, racing heart, can't even catch up with others walking a normal pace, sudden onset of anxiety, cold hands and feet, tingling,muscle pains and aches, sore joints, Headaches/Migraines, tightness in throat, coughing, always trying to catch my breath, weakened arms (like trying to raise them to do small task they feel like I've been working out for hours.. ),insomnia, suicidal thoughts, unable to be in the heat, my hair is dry and breaks off nad flakey no matter what I do to it it's like horse hair, very dry sensitive skin, pain in the back of my neck to the base of my skull, sex drive is non exisitant, Ringing in ears, always worrying, Sore feet (Around the area I looked up is where my thyroid is it's painful to the touch I tried to rub it to see if this would help any of my symptoms and it only hurts my foot more hahaha)

Please, I'm absolutely terrified that they are going to misdiagnose me at my doctor when I go back. My heart is always up in the 110+ and I'm always having to lay in bed, I can't eat anymore I feel sick all the time. I've lost thirty pounds in a month, I really really really please just send me an email if you have any idea on what other test I can ask them to do. I don't want it to be marked off and live with it for the rest of my life.


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