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Help! Possible Thyroid Problem

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  • Posted By: Ssp1984
  • January 16, 2008
  • 08:30 PM

Hello to all. I am here because I believe that I have a thyroid problem. Here is my story. I am a 24 yr. old female and UNINSURED. So if anybody has any helpful tips and ideas...please share! My symtoms started about 8 mo. ago with drastic hair loss. My hair is now thin, brittle, and falling out, skin is excessively dry, weight LOSS (which I hear that it's a lot of weight gain) but only ten pounds, constantly cold, depressed, missed periods, memory loss, slow sluggish mind, small sores on the head but very random and few, fatigue, increased heart rate, and lastly I had a panic attack that freaked me out beyond belief.

My depression has gotten to the point where I thought I might seek phsyciatric help and anti-depressants. One year ago, at the age of 23, I was an out-going, hard working, loving person. At 24, I can go from happy to so mad that I'm throwing things in a nano-second. My mind has gotten so sluggish that I bought this Brain Age game for the Nintendo DS because I thought that I was getting stupid.

I am uninsured so I called the local urgent care center and asked if they tested for thyroid disorders and they did. I did a blood test and they said that it was within the normal range. They had no answers for me and have given me a referral for a dermatologist. My appt. with them in on Monday and I am hesitant to go for that consultation because that will mean more money and another possible dead end. I just switched my birth control today in hopes that it my change my "hormone disorder" that I havediagnosed myself with until I can find out what is really wrong with me.

My blood results are as is:
TSH 1.21
T-3 28
T-4 11.6
Free T4 idex 3.2

This "urgent care doctor" told me that everything was within normal and maybe it was because I was depressed and prescribed me anti-anxiety pills. I turned them down knowing ***n well that wasn't the problem.

So I don't make a lot of money but I need help because I am losing my head. Who should I go see? How much are the meds? Help me!!!

P.S.- I am reading this book called "Feeling Fat, Fuzzing, or Frazzled?" by Richard Shames. It's the start of my research on what's wrong with me and now I hope to get some more help here! Thanks all for reading my story.

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  • Anybody???
    Ssp1984 1 Replies
    • January 17, 2008
    • 09:26 PM
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  • Yes, your thyroid test should tell you how your levels are. If you feel something is wrong, get a second opinion. If you're uninsured, try to get low cost insurance like an HMO plan, which are usually cheaper.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • February 10, 2008
    • 11:28 PM
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  • here r my symp. and can't find a ENDO. Doc that understand mw... Please help someone!!!! I was diag. with hyper. 2mts ago but have had symptoms for 2yrs. the test came back low thyriod.TSH: .44, T3 287, T4 .97thyriod scan came back find just borderline.. The doc was very rude and snappy claim just me I told her can i have my records to get a 2nd opin. she was livid.my symptomsIrritability,restlessness,sleepness,anxiety,weight loss 25lbs. down to 103. diarrhea, hand tremors,heart palpitations, muscle weakness neck pain fatigue, dry skin numbness inhands, sweating hot all the time.symptoms getting worse i just need to know what know i need to find a new ENDO in Va.if anyone has a list of docs. for my area please let me know thanks.per the doc its all in my head oh yeah she gave me xanx for heart pal. CRAZY....
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