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Graves and Hashimotos combo?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 11, 2010
  • 02:46 AM

First a bit of family history. I am 52 and have hypothyroid and b-12 deficiency. My son, who is 20, has Graves Disease. My daugter who is 18 as Type 1 Diabetes.

My 15 year old daughter has been ill, I took her to the Pediatrician a couple of weeks ago. They did bloodwork and we were told that her TSH and T4 were low. TSH = .44 and T4= .8. Also, her ANA was positive. They sent us to an Endocrinologist.

I took her to the Endo.this past week who called tonight and said that she has a combination of Graves Disease and Hashimotos. She had taken blood this past week and said that now her thyroid bloodwork was all in range, her TSH was 1.22, she didn't tell me the other numbers. She said that the antibodies were cancelling each other out, but that they fluctuate. She said that she does not need any treatment at this time but to come back in 2 months.

I guess my question is, how can you have Graves Disease and Hashimotos at the same time? I can't find anything about this, and am wondering if there is a name for it. Sounds to me like she just has a normal thyroid.

Please, if you have any information to share with me, or know where I can read about it online, I would greatly appreciate it.

a confused mother

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  • Yes, a person can have both conditions. Based on what you posted, it sounds as though your daughter tested positive for the antibodies for both conditions. The doctor said that the antibodies "canceled each other out." While that is true in terms of needing treatment, speaking from personal experience, that doesn't necessarily mean that she feels well. Since the levels fluctuate, it's as though there is a fight going on in the body; at times you might have symptoms of one condition, and at other times you might have symptoms of the other. Still at other times, you might have symptoms of both at the same time.You should continue to have her levels tested on a regular basis, and she will be treated based on which condition "wins." Hopefully, neither will. (For me, Hashimoto's ultimately "won.") One thing she needs to make sure not to do is to smoke since that makes it more likely for the symptoms of Graves' to win.As for her blood work, though, while most labs still say that any TSH below 0.5 is low, according to the newest recommendations by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (from January 2003), the lowest norm for the TSH is actually 0.3; so her TSH was within the normal range. I'm assuming that the T4 you're referring to is total T4, and not free T4, which would mean that her level really was low the first time she was tested.I have found that a gluten-free diet helps to bring the antibodies down, keep the blood work stable, and reduce the symptoms. Gluten has been linked to autoimmune disorders, including thyroid conditions and diabetes, in many studies.
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