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Goiter causing swollen neck lymph nodes?

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  • Posted By: FireDiva
  • August 25, 2007
  • 09:42 PM

I just found out yesterday at my Endocrinologist appointment, that a goiter is what I have. The left side of my thyroid is slightly enlarged & because its enlarged, the right side has a small nodule/cyst which was caused from the increase in hormones. I started having problems with my thyroid at the beginning of the year. Everytime I've had my thyroid levels tested, they always come back normal. I'll know next week what my thyroid levels tested this time. I'm on a very small amount of Synthroid right now, but he'll be increasing that in a few days after he gets the results back.
My question is about lymph nodes. Can they become enlarged because of the swelling of the thyroid? I have about 3 or so lymph nodes on the left side of my neck (the same side thats swelling up) that keep popping up and going away. I first noticed them earlier this year before I found out I was having thyroid problems. I didn't have any sickness that I knew of at the time either. They eventually went away after about 3 weeks. In June I had one come back(one of the same ones as before). It's a node on the left side/back of the neck and was a little bigger than a pea & became very firm(to me). It did go back down after about a week of freaking me out.
Unfortuntitely it has popped back up again a couple of days ago. I haven't poked at it much this time & it's not as big as it was the other times but the other node above it at the base of the skull is bigger now(size of a pea) & feels firm too. This morning they do fell like their starting to go down but I'm very curious to know why the keep popping up for no apparent reason?? I mention the node on my neck to the Endo. yesterday & he very briefly felt it & said it's nothing to worry about as long as it goes down, which it does. I keep thinking cancer of course. Mainly cause my family has a history of Lymphoma. What gives me some piece of mind is that I had a CT scan done on my necks soft tissue not long ago and everything looked normal, even the lymph nodes. I'm wondering now if it is my thyroid causing the nodes to become enlarged on that side? The right nodes never pop up and thats the side the nodule is on, so maybe it is a reaction to the left side swelling up causing the nodes to react?
Is their anyone out there that has had similar lymph node & thyroid problems?

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