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Do I even have a thyroid problem (Sorry this is really long)?

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  • Posted By: tallie93
  • July 2, 2013
  • 09:52 PM

I am a 20 year old female. Two weeks ago, I finally told my mom I wanted to get some tests done. I haven't felt like myself for a while. A year ago, I went through some anxiety/depression but have since been off the meds for quite a few months. My memory within the last year or so has been really bad. Recently, I woke up one morning and could not remember who I was for several minutes. I have gained weight within the last year (my sophomore year of college) and have always felt tired during the day. I would much rather sleep all day than do anything else. My appetite has been increased, I have seemed to be more irritable, and I am always hot. The machine was down at the lab, so I did not get all my results that day, but all of my results: red blood cell count, iron, B12, blood pressure, was all normal. I found out about a week later that the results had shown a TSH of 6.9, which they said was high so they put me on Synthroid for hypothyroidism. That day, before I started the medicine, they did another TSH test and tested my t4 (but not my t3?). I called them and basically pestered them for my results (this was about a week or more later than the first test). The nurse finally called me back and told me my TSH level was normal (after no meds) and that my t4 was low (she didn't give me the actual numbers). My mom remembered I got blood work done last year, and got them to check what my tsh was last year (maybe it was high then, and they never told me). She once again gave no numbers but said it was normal. I know my grandmother and her sister both have thyroid problems (her sister had a goiter(s) removed). My questions: could the blood that gave the high tsh have rendered wrong results since they tested it a day or two later, could the machine not be accurate, could the abnormal TSH test be abnormal because I was going to start my period that week? They are now sending off my most recent blood (with the normal TSH) off to another lab to be tested, but if it is normal, what does that tell me? Out of the past year, one of three showed me to be hypothyroid, but the others were normal. What is your take on this? If I wanted to go to another doctor for a blood test, how long do I have to be off the Synthroid to get an accurate reading not affected by the medicine (I have been on it for exactly 7 days now)? Should I even keep taking the Synthroid since I don't even know that I have hypothyroidism? Thank you for any answers or advice. Our heads are swimming right now.

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