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Desperately looking for help.

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  • Posted By: rajesh_vl
  • August 13, 2010
  • 07:23 PM

I'm 37 year old Male.
During 1998-99 ( at the age of 25) I was under too much stress, followed by episodes of panic attacks for couple of years.
I consulted a dozen cardiologists then. They had a same opinion that nothing is wrong with my heart and started Rivotril(Clonazepam).
In 2001 I was diagnosed for Hyperthyroid (T3 and T4 was normal and TSH was bit below normal) and was on Neo-mercazole(carbimazole) 5 mg for 5 years.
In 2004 I was operated for low grade bone tumor on left scapula.
In June-2006 doctor asked me to stop Neo-mercazole(carbimazole) then my TSH was 2.14 and T3, T4 also in normal range.

After that gradually I started pseudo-vertigo and weakness.
I was checking thyroid function regularly my T3 and T4 never show much variation but TSH was dropping consistently.
After around 16 months my TSH level dropped from 2.14 to 0.52.
My GP and endocrinologist had a firmly denied relapse of hyperthyroid, since T3,T4 and TSH was "still" in normal range.
I was on leave for more than 3-months so I was desperate to get to normal life so I started Neo-mercazole(carbimazole) 5 mg on my own.
I was also taking some herbal medicine for all my problems.
Somehow I started feeling after some time (somewhere in April -2008).

Though my anxiety was much controlled, I was generally feeling tired all the time.
I could not walk for more than 10 minutes, on TMT I was fully exhausted and stopped after 4 minutes(TMT test- 8/8/2008).
MY GP denied any organic problem and asked me to consult psychiatrist.
Psychiatrist prescribed me Zosert 50 mg and I had really severe panic attack.
I just stopped consulting my GP and psychiatrist.

I thought I'll try homeopathy for this fatigue problem.
But then one of colleague insisted that he knows one really good endocrinologist and I should consult her.
I talked to her, she also asked me to test T3, T4, TSH and also thyroid antibodies.
My T3, T4 was in normal range and TSH was 1.81 and my thyroid antibodies tests were negative.
she asked me stop Neo-mercazole(carbimazole) 5 mg and again directed me to new psychiatrist.
Somewhere in April 2009 I stopped Neo-mercazole(carbimazole) and talked to psychiatrist.

Psychiatrist told me that it’s not depression but I'm suffering from CFS(chronic fatigue syndrome) and CFS patient tend to develop drug sensitivity.
He also told me that there is no medication for CFS and put me new diet chart and started GET (graded exercise therapy) along with beta-blocker(Inderal) and Rivotril(Clonazepam) which I was taking all the time..

Nothing worked, day by day I'm feeling more tired and anxious and cannot stand in sunlight or near heat, it's weird feeling, more frequent panic attacks, anxiety and phobias...
Heat intolerance is so severe that if I move outside into warm/hot air within a minute I feel terribly uneasy, rather unbearable and with a minute feel normal if I come back indoor.

It's been 4 months I'm at home.
Somehow I feel my severe anxiety is due to my lower TSH value.
Now my TSH level is 0.58 (dropped from 1.81 in 17 months), doctor again denied role of hyperthyroidism.

Other important info is I'm on low dosages of beta-blocker(Inderal) and Rivotril(Clonazepam) for last 10-11 years.

So many questions come to my mind?
Why my TSH should drop if we are assuming remission period?
If my thyroid antibodies test was negative what is decreasing my TSH level?
Why doctors are ignoring earlier trend of TSH drop, doesn't it indicate possibility of TSH going below normal in near future?
Is it really CFS?

I would appreciate any suggestions... what should I do, whom should I consult.
Thanks in advance.

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