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can anyone help me please??

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 4, 2011
  • 04:34 PM

I think i have hypothyroidism. i think that i've had it for years. its to the point right now that its tearing my relationship apart at the seams. I mean we used to fight once in awhile and now we fight about everything. Just recently moved to another state to be closer to his family. I dont know anyone here or dont have a dr that i can go to. Ive been searching. I've looked into a ton of different web sites about this and it seems that I have most of the symptoms. ive also turned into a monster. i'm depressed and moody but the biggest thing is that i'm spiteful and mean to him. he finally told me the other day that he couldn't take it any longer and wanted me to leave. we've been together 3 years.. he doesn't deserve the unfair treatment that he gets. He's stuck thru it for the three years and has been great. i dont want to lose him to something that can be taken care of. I tried to explain it to him that it wasnt me that was this way but that this is messing with my head. he said that he would give me another chance if i got to a dr in the next few days. I'm making the appointment as soon as I can. I dont want to lose him. can anyone help me or give me advice on how to handle this? thanks..

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  • well, first off... what are your symptoms? Hypothyroidism has a lot of unexplained symptoms...I am too Hypothyroid and it was ruining my marriage as well so i definitely feel for you. I was very irritable all the time and wanted to break down - i felt like nobody understood how I felt and it was quite miserable and the last thing you want is the closest person to you to leave and you feel even more alone. He is right though - you do need to go see a dr. get a full thyroid work up panel done. tell them to test your TSH, T4,T3,antibodies and Reverse T3. I had a lot of the same experiences you are - and i went to dr. after dr. trying to figure out what was wrong with me, all my labs were coming back normal and i still had all the symptoms..That is why i saw to have them test your Reverse T3 because your body could be not converting your T4 to T3 accurately and that will cause you to have all hypo symptoms but normal labs. It's all about finding a good dr. and the right testing - let me know if you have found someone good and you trust, if not i will give you the name of my dr. i have never seen him before - we do phone consultations and he orders lab work for me and is wonderful - he understands this disease and wants to help. i hope you start feeling better soon.
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