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Belive I have hypothyroid but my tests keeps coming back normal

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 27, 2007
  • 06:14 AM

my symptoms are pointing to a thyroid condition I believe hypothyroid .
I was tested twice exactly a month apart and my tests came back normal.I was tested for my free t3 ,free t4,and tsh .I was also tested for hashimotos and that test came back normal too .
weight gain
irregular periods now I have no periods
ringing in my ears
premutar gray hair
irregular heart beat
hair loss
cold intolerance
my hands and feet swell
hot flashes
constantly tired
migraine headches
my tests keep coming back normal and i can not figure out why . Is it possible i could still have a thyroid issue? is there something else that i am missing?Can the antibody levels in hashimotos fluctaute?
thanx for reading ,
especially if you made it to the end

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  • 1) What were the numbers? Some Docs consider TSH of 5 "normal" where others would diagnose "Sub-clinical Hypothyroidism" if you are over 2, based on the symptoms you describe. This is a grey area right now -- more science needed, so even with a diagnosis, your Doc could still decide not to treat.2) More important is the balance between T3 and T4 compared to TSH. Is TSH in the high range of "normal" and T3 and/or T4 low?3) What about exercise? We often get short of breath when we exercise, especially if we are overweight. But do you drop below 80% of capacity? Do you break out with a spotty rash in your upper torso? Thyroid reacts to stress such as exercise, and your Doc might want to test then. But treatment here is somewhat controversial. But no matter whether your doc will treat or not, thyroid function can often be improved by moderate, regular exercise. Push yourself a little like you are pushing away the fatigue. Tomorrow, you should be able to do a little more (walk farther or get farther in the exercise video).4) Check on the insulin resistance side, too. Avoid high fructose "foods" like the plague. Make sure you get a good balance of healthy fats, complex carbs, and protien. Balance in all this is the key whether you are hypo, pre-diabetic or just out of shape.5) Look for positives. What makes you feel better? Talk these over with your Doc. What we don't know yet could fill a universe. What we do know, only fills the university. Concentrate on the positives and pursue the things that help you feel better. We may not know all the whys yet.
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    • August 30, 2007
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