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Stroke, PD or malnutrition Vit. D chrons like

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 21, 2017
  • 03:28 AM

Moms diagnosed w/PD. I don't agree. Head ridged stiff bent backward, walks on toes and mimics PD shuffle, but not always. Excessive sweating. Sever malnutrition. Can't seem to get any one to order CT OR PET. Never had any scans I know of. Acts of madness ( although that could happen because PD meds she was taking). I've taken her off them because they didn't help sever tremors in right hand pretty much only. Smile is absent on Left side of her face. Tounge appears swollen causing difficulties in swallowing. Eyes are little to no responsive to light. Pupils constricted. Began to lower Adderall because on Friday after feeling good and taking an extra one she couldn't sleep. She is considered a high fall risk and acts mostly as if she can't get up out of her hospital bed on her own, she kept getting in and out of her bed even after I asked her not to and have her night meds and tucked her in. The opposing folding chair about 3-4 ft away was open the next morning, and I had closed it. She had the heby-Jeeves. Slept all day Saturday even with same med the increase as Friday. She returned a bit back to normal (or normal for her) on Sunday and I didn't give her any adderall. Gave her 1/2 of her adderall today and she was still very, very, very sluggish and was to fatigued and some uncooperative with me and her home help that gives her a shower. She appeared drugged as her eyes was not opening and she kept leaning off toilet, wouldn't hold herself up at all. Vitals were good, heart sounds good she has a pacemaker that was supposed to have come out, but to me she's too frail and sick to undergo any surgery of any type. She was neglected for a year or so and was only 82 lbs when I removed her from where she was in July of 2016. She didn't even have a place to bathe unless she was carried up two flights of stairs. And three years ago after a surgery where she had a pin put in her thigh and had fully recuperated with no apparent side effects except slight gaint. Taken off all PD meds because of deminsia, mental confusion and they were not helping her shaking and the fact I think she's misdiagnosed per symptoms above. Although I have to say she did appear a bit more mobile 3-6 mo ago on them. But since then she was in a geriatric psyc ward, then in a physical rehab facility for three mo. Not quite sixty days later she got pneumonia and then I got it. So she was held in a facility, after a three week hospital stay for more rehab allowing me and her to recuperate for about 2 mo. She only became more feeble while there due to her contacting MRSA of the kidneys in the hospital. So she's been off leva dopa for over three mo. Mental confusion is better but not physically any better if not worse.

PT History: large portion of sm. intestines revmoval, due to polyps. ( why I suspect malnutrition) light tremors, depression, and an array of other mental disorders. Hypochondriac and munchousing and drug abuse and misuse. So she enjoys the attention I'm giving her and remembers everything even if she says she doesn't because I've caught her in a few or more lies. Currently taking klonopin .5 TID, lyrica 150 mg , Aricept, ambien and Percocet as needed. Any suggestions here? She's going to be very angry when she realizes I'm taking her adderall away and I know began to act like she can't move without it. She has already got the APS called due to her comments about my stopping her high dosage of adderall and the other PD meds. The nurse that comes out here this time is one of 8 in the past 4-6 mo because every time she's admitted to the hospital they start her with a whole new crew of home care.

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