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Spinabifida (osd) Heamangioma

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 4, 2008
  • 07:45 PM

ok here goes
i was first told when i was 17 i had spinabifida occulta and notto worry about it so i didnt
at 27 i woke up one day and both my legs wouldnt bend properly
went to the doctors got xrays and cts and they comfirmed spinabifida occulta first doctor said was fine before results came back second found 2 buldging discs and was put on pills and physio
not much happened there and unhappy with just being told its all ok i asked for refferal to a specialist when told not warrented i went toseveral other doctors including the first doctor i seen and they all wouldnt refer to a specialist
over 8 months from onset of my leg weakness andunable to bend both legs straight i got a doctor who would refer me to a specialist
iam seeing a nuerosurgeon atm
the nuerosurgeon had me see a physio for a report for them and the pysio guy said not worth doing any exercises as they wouldnt do a thing
seen the nuerosurgeon who stated i may have a teathered cord secondary to the spinabifida and states i have leg spacticity and am sure the nuerosurgeon called it Occulta and Spinal Dysraphism(osd)i have also a slight curvature of the spine
next time i seen the nuerosurgeo i had a full body mri and the test results came back but this time didnt see my normal nuerosurgeon i was told there could be still a teathered cord at the base they werent sureand i was given a copy of my mri report
i read itover and it states there is a heamangioma at t2
through researching i have done myself that with osd it states that heamangiomas are tell tale signs of teathered cord syndrome
these are the symptoms i am having
-leg weakness
-loss in movementin both legs to a certain extent
-leg spacticity
-lowback pain-mid back pain
-slight curvature of the spine
-heamangioma at t2
-osd or spinabaifida occulta i think at l4-l5
-2 buldging discs with no compression at l4-l5 l5-s1
- leg pain
-plus when i was a child i had unexplained instances of passing outsand siezures the passing outs were that i would collapse and stop breathing and go blue around mylips and in my face bywhat i have been told

ok heres my question
if i do have spinal cord tethering will the time frame since onset make the opatunity or likelyhood of regaining movement be deminished due to the timeframe it has taken the doctors to correctly refer me?
i am still seeing the nuerosurgeon soon and will be asking more about the heamangioma and finding out exactly what is causing my leg problems

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  • i have been to the nuerosurgeon and am now being reffered to a nuerologistthe nuerosurgeon said my symptoms point to a lesion at c6 but nothings there plus stated to me its a mystery last couple weeks i have started to have spasm movement in my legs and arm and and a couple times my arms and lesg at the same timewhen i stretch my legs my right leg shakes badlytotally unsure whats happening and specialists are mistified to whats happeninghavent been to doctors yet about the movement spasmsif anyone has any ideas to what it maybe please postby what the nuerosurgeon says its not something that can be fixed by surgery or that theres nothing in scans that show a ause for such symptoms
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