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Herniated discs.

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  • March 13, 2008
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As part of my partners university course he studies the human body. He was doing some research on the spine and told me to stand up and asked me about my back problems. After I told him he felt down my spine and felt 2 "dips" and said it could be 2 herniated discs, which would make sense. As a child I managed to damage my coccyx to the point where if I sit down too long it becomes agonising and I have to try to stand up and walk around to try to ease the pain, often resulting in taking pain killers. Now when I damaged my coccyx my spine was straight, ergo, it could have damaged some of the discs after that. My posture is a sort of "S" shape rather than a normal posture. Even as a dancer it was curved and no matter how many stomach and back muscle exersises I do it still stays the same. I've told my doctor and he basically told me my back pain was all in my head. Now what do I do?

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  • :)Hi Didz, I'm Kay-K or Kay lol I wanted to answer this as on February 1st I woke and could not put pressure on my legs..i was horrified, i was getting up to get my son ready for school..and could not walk the pain was extremely bad. I tried to cope with it and wound up calling EMS...I went to ER and the doctor took xrays and treated me for the pain, he then referred me to a Bone & Joint doctor who did an MRI and it showed I have 2 herniated disc as well mine are in the upper and lower lumbar area.I was told if I don't have surgery I could be paralyzed in a few months This scares me to death as i have a ADD Adhd Autistic child and I can't leave him unattended for long periods of time.Now with the fear of paralyzation i am trying to do do what i can and be extremely careful. I was then referred to a NeuroSurgeon who has basically agreed with the bone & joint doctor:eek:..He has ordered a SSEP which is a electrical nerve test.and possibly a Nerve conduct (where they put needles thoughout your body to test your nerve reaction I think. I have not had the SSEP done it is scheduled for April 10,'08. But to answer your question hun I would suggest you get a second opinion cause no one thought I was having problems either. and for a doctor to tell you its all in your head:mad: well that is so wrong!! There could be some spinal and or nerve damage and I would like to suggest you seeing a doctor that would help you. I will post the results of my SSEP(April) as soon as I get them. Hope this helps a little, and best wishes to you. Hugs Kay
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  • Hi Kay-K,Thanks for the reply. My step grandad had the same problem but rather than perform tests they settled on surgery. They had to cut open the skin over his spine and remove the two discs then put a cage around the bone to encourage it to fuse. Only problem is, the bone isn't fusing so hes been out of work for a long time now. I'm going to wait and see a private doctor who is a family friend of my boyfriend which is good. He's a very good doctor apparently so I'd rather see him at the moment than use an NHS doctor after all the rubbish they put me through lol.
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  • Hi Didz..Kay again..Hun Good for you!!! I am so sorry for the way the NHS's are treating you it is so so wrong!!:mad: The worse thing is with mine, is that instead of being herniated sideways like most herniated disc are mine are compressed right smack into the spinalcord..Yeah it does sound like Ouch:eek:.... But I have decided that before I risk being paralyzed for the rest of my life I will gladly try these test. right now with a on the go all the time add, adhd, autistic, child it is really crazy here, and me being paralyzed scares me to death...as I will not be able to help him,get to him etc.:( Best wishes to you and please let me know what the other docs say. Hugs Kay;)
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  • Hi didz sorry to hear of your troubles, i would steer clear of your current doctor, you hear this "its all in your head rubbish" from doctors alot, i think its partly because they cant come up with an answer they are not willing to admit that they don't know everything.I don't know if you have any herniated disks or not, this would seem a pretty important thing to know, the only way to really know is to have an MRI which doctors don't like to give because they cost so much, and often they don't reveal anything.The s shape of your spine pretty much sounds like scoliosis, this in itself could be the cause of your pain, its known to cause problems however doctors seem to be dismissive of it. Good luck with your new doctor.
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