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symptoms not listed on MOST websites

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 3, 2007
  • 01:55 AM

Doctors KNOW about the PSYCHOSIS you can get from sleep problems, but rarely VOLUNTEER the the info UNLESS YOU ASK SPECIFICALLY.

PSYCHOSIS symptoms include:
-hallucinations (visual, feeling something touch you when no ones there, smelling or tasting something thats not there)
-hearing "voices" (sometimes with the EARS, the REST are "mental voices"-like people talking in your head)
-loss of judgement (totally)
-fasle memories
-believing things that arent true
-making decisions you wouldnt NORMALLY make
-following "commands" the "voices" give, & you DO them
-"movies" playing in your head, lasting seconds, hours, days, or weeks (where the symptoms ABOVE "combine" in your head, playing out like a MOVIE, complete with a storyline & plot-sometimes you may BELIEVE it to be REALLY occurring)

symptoms can occur separately or ALL AT ONCE FOR LONG PERIODS.

thank you.

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  • "movies" can you explain to me more? I think this might be happening to me. I have these thoughts that arent mine... like a dream when I am not sleeping. I have just been explaining it as that and awake dream. I also have been extrememly fatigued for like the past year, and my doc says its just depression. but I can sleep for 2 days straight if i want. I always want to sleep. even after i wake up thinking i want to get up and do something.. about a half hour later i feel tired and want to nap. I tried telling my dr that I dont really feel depressed other then the fact I think its depressing that I am so tired all the time (like I am wasting my life) and she just told me "i'm fighting my own brain" and upped my anti depressants. But I dont think thats the problem! Scissenator@gmail.com
    LiquidScissors 5 Replies
    • January 14, 2007
    • 07:39 PM
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  • sorry its taken so long to reply to you.... these "movies" i tried to describe before was just what i called them, another term would be the words YOU used: its like having a dream when you're awake!! its NOT depression--if you were depressed & therefore "losing enough sleep" to cause these symptoms to surface, i'm sure you'd KNOW it!! i think she's WRONG too!! you could have a sleep-disorder, like i do (sleep apnea), that makes you sleepy all day even when you've had ALOT OF SLEEP! in this case, you see another primary care doctor & TELL THEM ("tell them to do it", dont just say the symptoms, or else they may make a mistake of thinking its "something else") you want to see a sleep specialist at a sleept study lad- MANY HOSPITALS have sleep study labs. they'll test you for SLEEP DISORDERS (like when i got tested for sleep apnea), & they'll prescribe treatment. ONLY a primary care doctor can give you a ferral to a sleep lab. i think this doctor you're now seeing saying its depression is UNEDUCATED on sleep problems-- you need a NEW doctor entirely- dont even use her anymore- she's out of it!! the FACT that you sleep yet STILL FEEL SLEEPY is a classic symptom of a sleep disorder!! plus, the fact that you're getting these "dreams while you're awake" is another classic symptom that your sleep is being interferred with! the ONLY other thing can produce symptoms of a sleep problem like you described would be if live that lifestyle where you chose to lose lots of sleep regularly playing poker with friends, watching tv too long every night..etc. if you're NOT doing any of these acitivities, then chances are HIGH that you have a sleep disorder. good luck.
    dudbubbin1 37 Replies
    • January 18, 2007
    • 05:11 AM
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  • Long term sleep disorders can affect the mind. I have Sleep Apnea, Restless Legs Syndrome, and Periodic Limb Movement Disorder which all affect my quality of sleep. I was having lucid dreams and symptoms of Narcolepsy like sleep attacks and cataplexy, but once I began getting some of the right stages of sleep, many of the symptoms began to decrease. Many people have been treated as a psychiatric patient and wondering why they don't respond to meds when treatment of the physical disorder is what they need. A doctor who does not take this seriously will only perpetuate the problem. Ask for an overnight sleep study. Only a sleep study can tell the stages of sleep. Going by the number of hours one sleeps is not the answer. Chronically disrupted sleep stages will take both a physical and mental toll. Demand an evaluation.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • January 29, 2007
    • 11:19 AM
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