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Sleep Paralysis

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 21, 2007
  • 11:02 PM

Does anyone else face the same problem as me. Sometimes when I go to sleep it can be at night or even in the afternoon if I am napping. I am fast asleep and at some point I get up, but only my eyes are open. I can feel my surroundings, but I can not breathe or get up. I feel as if someone is choking my neck and I am suffocating. This lasts for a couple of seconds or minutes and then I snap out of it. Is this "sleeping paralysis"?

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  • Yes, go see a sleep doctor.
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  • i get episodes of sleep paralysis. it's very scary and was extremely relieved when i found out it was a sleep disorder and that i was not going nuts!i did as much research as i could online about it and seem to have some control over it when i do have an episode.
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  • I have narcolepsy & mild sleep apnea~ I have periods of sleep paralysis that are sometimes partnered w/ episodes of apnea- I can not move or breath- A sleep study is very helpful to target things that you have no way of knowing are going on, otherwise.
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    • September 21, 2007
    • 04:35 AM
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  • This is a very wierd disorder,i dont know if this is what i have but it is scary, it happened to me several times (about 4) in two weeks, and then 4 times in one day, between 8-9am right after my girlfriend leaves for work. i usually wake up and find myself unable to move but my eyes can glance around the room, and i hear and see things that are not there. I have seen the tv on when it is off and heard the voice of my girlfriend entering the house, i try to call out to her but i cant us my mouth properly. it feels alot different than ne other dream i have enver had, i hope they go away soon. p.s Do you guys see and hear things that aren't there, after the first episode the day i had four of these i tried to get up but i didnt have ne energy and it felt like i kept collapsing into the dream, and i saw two circles or flashes of light like my eyes were rolling back in my head, it is freaky, i dont like it, has the eye thing happened to you?
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  • i too have had similar problems....i haven't had it since i stopped napping.i try to sleep less than eight hours in 24 hrs.also keep fresh air around.if you think you aren't breathing see a doctor.
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