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Do I have a sleeping disorder?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 28, 2007
  • 01:20 AM

Hi, I'm fifteen years old and have been having these symptoms for years.

My hallucinations started when I was twelve. I looked up some research, and I'm pretty sure they are hypnopompic hallucinations, since I have them when I'm waking up. I'm fully conscious, I can move. I've jumped out of the bed, pointed at the hallucinations, hid under my covers, said what they were, screamed; when I finally realize I'm hallucinating I can't see it anymore. I've had people witness me hallucinating before. I don't remember ever hallucinating with the room lit, or tv on. My most recent hallucination was two weeks ago.

Since mid-last year I've experienced what I think is sleep paralysis. But instead of waking up, it happens in the dreams. I'm having a nightmare, everything vivid, especially sound. The sound is extremely painful, either bad music, or someone screaming. I want to wake from it, so I try to throw my leg over, or reach my arm over, but it won't work. I try to open my eyes to wake up, but it won't work. It's like my limbs are attached to the bed, they barely budge. Then suddenly I snap out of it. A few times it had happen while I was falling asleep, rather then waking up. Those times I wasn't dreaming, instead I hear stuff around me, like the tv, or people talking, and I'm trying to wake up because I have fallen asleep on the couch. I try opening my eyes and lifting my head, but I can't. This isn’t as frequent as my other symptoms.

I've always had a hard time falling asleep before twelve, often falling asleep at one, sometimes two. I don't feel tired in the morning, and in the mornings I have a cup of coffee. At school, most of the time I'm fine, not tired, but when coming home I get extremely tired. I've started to fall asleep on the couch in the afternoon after school, and after waking up I feel alright. Later around 5ish-7ish I feel the urge to take another nap. Even when I get a good night's sleep for a some weeks I still feel the urge to go to sleep around these exact times. I can resist them, but its hard. If I've gotten bad sleep the night before, I may doze off for ten seconds, but wake myself up because I realize I have to stay awake. I often miss my favorite tv shows that are on around 7ish, because I fall asleep during them. It becomes a big problem when I baby-sit. I don't fall asleep, but the urge is so strong.

Today for the first time, I was in school and we had a math test. I felt completely fine, but then I started getting extremely tired. While everyone was going onto the next page, I was only on number five. That's not normal for me, I have an A in that class, and knew I knew the stuff we were learning. It was unexpectant. I just couldn't concentrate, and tried so hard to speed up. I have ADHD, and I know what its like not being able to concentrate, (I'm not on medicine for it anymore, haven't been for years), but this was different then attention defficet. I felt like I was falling asleep, and had to stay after school to finish my test. I appologized to my teacher after I finished and told her I tried, I just couldn't concentrate probally because I don't get enough sleep. She understood. This is the first time this has happened.

I know I have parasomia. I sleep walk, and sleep talk. I also have sleep terrors and will scream at night. I think it may have started when I was eight years old. A lot of people have witnessed me doing this. So much that I have to warn new people I camp with or have sleepovers with of my sleeping problems. I think it's unrelated to the symptoms I've mentioned, but I figured I might as well list everything.

Do I have a sleeping disorder? Please, I’d really like to know if its called something.

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  • Oh I'm sorry! (this is the same person who posted before) this is in the wrong forums! I should put this under I cannot get a diagosis. I'll post it there. Please don't post here! I'm so sorry! I'm new here, and am just looking for some help. Will a moderator please delete this?
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    • February 28, 2007
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  • Hello, did you ever get an answer about this? You may be experiencing night terrors. It is an actual disorder. It is not the same as nightmares. I have night terrors/nightmare disorder and it is very similar to what you describe. I am 47 and have had this since I was a child. It has diminished some with age, but I still have it sometimes. There are more resources online than there used to be, even a site dedicated just to night terrors. I did look it up on this site (WrongDiagnosis) but it is placed in the same category as nightmares, and it is not simply nightmares. The feeling of being awake and "seeing" things is what distinguishes it from nightmares. This condition is in the DSM, along with a related condition, nightmare disorder (main difference is that with terrors, one rarely remembers the episodes, with nightmare disorder, it is remembered more). Please do some online research and you will be relieved to find that there are others who have experienced similar things. I thought I was seeing ghosts or something when I had it as a child/teen and into my 20s, until I read about it. Good luck.
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