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Can't Enter Sleep State

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  • Posted By: JasonInReno
  • February 27, 2011
  • 00:21 PM

I am begging for help with this problem - it is literally ruining my life.

I took Ambien "as needed" which meant about 3 or 4 times a week. I decided I didn't want to take it any more in October. The first night, I experience loud hallucinations immediately BEFORE I enter the sleep. I will be dozing off and here a snap, bang, etc. and see a bright flash of light sometimes. It was terrifying. This happened 6 or 7 times that particular night. I finally fell asleep at dawn.

The next day is the same thing.

Dejected, I renewed my Ambien prescription until I finally saw my doctor about it in Jan. They referred me to a sleep specialist who took me off Ambien and put me on Klonopin. It is somewhat effective, but I do not see this as a permanent solution, since I believe Klonopin to be as dangerous, if not more so, than Ambien.

Nowadays, the "attacks" are comparatively mild and aren't accompanied by visual effects but they are equally disruptive. There's no enormously loud noise; it's a modest "buzz" or a startling but not loud bang, like a weight at a gym being dropped on the floor (this is an actual sound that I heard a few days ago). Sometimes it's extremely benign, like one of my parents whispering my name. Those don't bother me.

PLEASE HELP! Klonopin does work but I don't want to face escalating dosages ad infinitum for the rest of my life. I feel like this has been happening for 4 months and if it was going to go away on it's own, it would have by now.

Things I've tried:
Ambien (effective, undesirable)
Klonopin (effective, undesirable)
Excessive drinking (effective, undesirable)
Melatonin (effective for a short while; became ineffective)
Giving up caffeine completely (ineffective)
5-HTP (ineffective but did have other pleasant sleep side effects, so I continue to use it)
Magnesium supplement (ineffective)
OTC Sleep Aids (ineffective)
Regular intensive exercise regimen (ineffective)
Dietary supplement pills, i.e. daily vitamin (tried two types; ineffective)

I have no other mental health issues besides this. I do have some anxiety, and an occasional severe panic attack (maybe one or two per year), but nothing I couldn't manage or ignore before. I do not feel particularly stressed.

PLEASE...if you have ANY suggestions, please tell me. I am willing to try anything. I hate taking Klonopin but I can't stop ... if it weren't for the Rx drugs, I would have been fired from my job and likely destitute by now. I NEED TO BE ABLE TO SLEEP.

Thanks for reading.

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  • Loss of sleep cycle is a dangerous condition. I am not aware of any plan to deal with it in the medical community other than to ignore it. The strongest two medications I have heard of to treat this condition are Medical Marijuana (Indica), and Xyrem, both of which are either illegal or nearly impossible to obtain. Xyrem will kill you if you use it wrong, use it too long, or make a mistake. Marijuana will not kill you no matter how much you consume. All drugs are legal in Portugal, and Medical Marijuana is now legal in several countries.Sounds possibly electromagnetically induced - live in high density housing? Regardless of the cause, you need a diagnosis.Buy a high frequency probe, such as the 8GHz meter here:http://lessemf.com/rf.htmlIdeally, exposure should be If it is higher than that, you might want to go camping and see if you can sleep in a low radiation environment. You may need a few weeks there to detox from any prescription medications as the package often reads that they can cause insomnia upon withdrawal. Make sure you can get to a hospital if you have a medical emergency. If you still can't sleep out in the middle of nowhere, perhaps the root cause is something other than WiFi / Cell phone towers. If camping works, you may want to buy some silver-lined bedsheets or an EMF sleeping bag, and then venture back into your high radiation urban environment. You are probably the best one to decide on your own diagnosis and treatment. You will have to form a hypothesis, run some tests (sleep attempts), and see if the results support the hypothesis. That is how science works. Unfortunately, mainstream medicine is not always scientific. It is however profitable.Ensure that you get good light during waking hours. Sunlight is ideal. Prolonged darkness may impair the sleep cycle. If your body is desperate to sleep, total darkness may not be necessary, but it is ideal when attempting to produce Melatonin and induce sleep.For less severe or moderate insomnia, Indica Medical Marijuana should work indefinitely, if it is legal in your state. Sativa or some hybrid strains may not work at all. If it is illegal, you will probably not sleep well if you break the law. For the most severe insomnia condition, no medication will work forever. None. Every med comes with a ticking clock after which you will build tolerance and then it will fail, perhaps in a catastrophic manner. At that point, you either switch meds or you don't sleep. And knowing your own medical condition, with a little experience you can probably deduce the consequences of that.I hear that EM induced insomnia is becoming more and more common. Many doctors are coerced into ignoring it and may not be helpful or knowledgeable, or may brush it off as impossible. Simply remind the Mental Deficients that we can cook food with microwaves - perhaps we can do much more than just that. Ignorance kills. And so does mass medical fraud. Exercise your free speech while you still have it.www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2123415/Putin-targets-foes-zombie-gun-attack-victims-central-nervous-system.html
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