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Always so sleepy.....

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 25, 2011
  • 06:20 AM

I am 16 years old and have had a problem with sleeping for
A while now. I do have an Iron deficiency, almost
To the point where I'm anemic. But it seems no matter
How much sleep I get it doesn't make a difference. I have
Slept up to 14 hours and I still feel the same groggy and
Weak. I've experimented with my sleeping habits also,
At first I thought I felt this way because of too much
Sleep. But I've tried sleeping from 6-14 hours and I always
Feel the same. I also take vitamins daily, exercise daily, and
I am not over or underweight(otherwise I have no other health issues)
Someone with answers please help
I would really appreciate it!

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  • Hi, It sounds like you have sleep apnea or narcolepsy. They both get worse in time, and narcolepsy is usually diagnosed 10 to 15 years after symptoms begin. Sleep apnea can be fatal and cause other health problems. I am 38 years old and was just diagnosed with both. With no meds, I will sleep 15- 19 hours a day. It can destroy your life! Because their is so much to say, I sent you a link to the Jamestown Hospital Sleep Center(Fargo,ND). It has all the symptoms, treatments, causes, etc, to help you get an idead what you need to do next. It could also be an adrenal dysfunction. You should check your symptoms on that too, although they are very similar and both hard to diagnose. Bottom line is that you're gonna need quite a few test done. DON'T let your doc dismiss it as depression or a phase, or anything....it happens a lot. A good start would be seeing an Ear Nose and Throat doc, it's cheaper than a sleep study and a simple surgery could cure apnea, instead of wearing a CPAP mask forever. My 5 year old son had apnea, had tonsils and adenoids removed, and he's cured. It CHANGED his life. He does great in school now, is active and HAPPY, instead of tired and mad.lol. If nothing pans out, see an endocrinologist to check your Adrenal system. If that fails, you need a sleep study done, I hope you have insurance. If not, apply for medicaid or check with your city, most cities have something like a medicaid, like Gold Card that will get you free or low cost medical care on a sliding scale. Good luck! You poor thing...you're young and you need to get this delt with now so you can get your life back! Please let me know how it's going!http://www.pdssleep.com/sleep_disorders/index.php
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  • If you got this already, sorry. I've typed it 4 times and it gets erased...? I'll make this short and send you a link that will help. You must have sleep apnea or narclepsy....possibly an adrenal dysfunction. I'd start ny seeing an ENT. Having tonsils and adenoids removed can cure sleep apnea, it did for my 5 year old son and it's better than wearing a CPCP mask. Before he seemed mad all the time, couldn't learn, make friends, he snored, etc. Now he is a NEW boy, and I can't believe how smart he is. He's doin great. Even though you're sleeping so much, you're not getting good sleep, so it's like you're not sleeping at all. You're probably irritable, forgetful, can't sleep at night sometimes,etc...it's weird. If the ENT doesn't pan out, see an endocrinologist to check your adrenals. If nothing still, you'll need a sleep study done. I hope you have insurance. If not, you should be able to get medicaid or ask your city, most have a Gold Card or something that works on a sliding scale, so free or low cost. Bottom line is you need a few tests done to know for sure. Secondly...YOU HAVE to get your life back. You poor thing. Adrenal and sleep disorders have very similar symptoms and are both very hard to diagnose. They are also often dismissed as depression, or poor diet, or something stupid like that. So, DON'T let it go untreated. Sleep apnea can be fatal and cause other health problems. Sleeping all the time will cause you to loose your life. I know...I'm 38 and just got diagnosed with narcolepsy and apnea(often hereditary). So good luck! Keep me posted, please...you're in my prayers...
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  • Finally someone like me thank y'all for helping us figure out what we should do.
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