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Very Itchy arms, around the elbows, underarms and back of my hands

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 13, 2009
  • 02:01 PM

Can anyone help me on here please.....

For a good few months I have been itching like mad on my arms, around the elbows, underarms and on the back of my hands.
All the places where I itch the most developed into dark round circles where it becomes really dry and scaly, it also bleeds at times.
It First started on my right arm, a few dark patch's developed and then a few weeks later the exact same thing happened on my left arms.
The most weird thing is, the dark patches are in exact same places on both arms.

I have been to see a couple of doctors they prescribed me some ointments and what not, hasnt helped at all.

The irritation is really awful and driving my other half nuts cos Im itching all flamin day!!!!

Has anyone got the same????


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  • If it had all started with one or two "dry and scaly" patches and then later you start to see secondary bumbs (varying in sizes) on your body you might have PR. I have posted this on an other thread but I will paste it here. A lot of the posted replyies I have read here most definitely sounds like PITYRIASIS ROSEA. 1st. off, it is nothing deadly for those who think they are a terrorist attacked victim. 2nd. Yes, it can be treated but not cured. And 3rd. It is not contagious, although it is not known what causes it in the first place.Pityriasis Rosea is common during the spring and summer time. It usually begins with a large, pink, scaly patch on the chest, back, or neck which is called a Herald Patch. At this stage it may be confused with ringworms, so most Dr.s prescribed antifungal creams. They will not help at all because it is not a fungal infection, nor is it a rash, although most counter medicines like Benadryl, Caladryl, Calamine, ect. may help for your itchiness.Within one to two weeks more patches and smaller secondary bumbs appear, at first slow then rapidly, on the upper and lower torso, upper and lower back, arms, and legs. Patients may also get a few on the neck and very rarely on the face, so that bump on your face may just be a pimple. Itchiness worsens when they get warm and may cause a widespread eruption. Physical activities, hot climates, and bathing in hot water causes it to temporarily worsen. Most patients claim that within six to eight weeks the infection usually disappears however, as I said earlier, you may use temporarily treatments or ask your Dr. for an internal medication for the itching. Please do not, do not, scratch them because it will not serve you well. All your doing is making your skin even dryer and itchier. Rather you rub very gently as if you were dusting off your shirt, also on the plus side, by doing this you look more like a ***p than a crackhead. Well I hope this had helped in someway and eased most of your worries. If you believe it not to be PR then please visit a Dr. but still mention Pityriasia Rosea as your Diagnosis.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • August 24, 2009
    • 00:52 PM
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  • Me also! Last week I get up one morning I get up and burning during voiding and symptoms like yours . Itching galore!I think I have something different then you because I have more symptoms.Just sharing how frustrating weird symptoms are.I have many episodes before except for burning during voiding.I have to see a specialist soon.I want to say f--k,f--k,f--k!Good luck!:cool:
    bigboy 64 Replies
    • August 22, 2010
    • 01:38 AM
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