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Teen with skin/blood problems?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 8, 2010
  • 02:11 AM

I'm a 16 year old girl and for the past couple years I can remember having problems with my body, it's becoming embarrassing and I've had trouble with a some specific symptoms I will list here, thanks for help.

I have really bad photosensitivity, I don't know what type but just a few minutes after I step outside my skin breaks out into a horrendous red rash, and it itches sometimes and people stare and talk about it, I have to wear shorts in gym class and it's so horrible. I'm mixed, Native American/French, my skin is somewhat tan but the redness is so red and noticeable still. It's usually only my lower legs and feet.

Then I also get either purpura or vasculitis, I'm not sure which but occasionally my arms and thighs will get covered in dark purple/crimson coloured dots and rash patterns and these will stick around for a week and then disappear for a few weeks and then pop up again? They are usually on my upper thigh area and under arm area.

And for a while I had like these funny round rashes allover my body, like it looked someone splashed bleach on me, they were redder on the outside and paler/whiter on the inside, I assumed it was ringworm, I googled it and I found it looked like either annular or polycyclic rashes, but I think it was ringworm still lol it didn't scar and they lasted a month before finally disappearing.

Plus I have had problems with anemia, I've had two, three blood tests and sometimes my anemia is good, sometimes bad, and I get shaky sometimes and I have problems with my fingers and toes turning purple or just discoloured when I'm indoors in a normal temp or in cold weather, I see other kids when they are cold and their feet and hands never look as bad as mine :\ I have to like sit on my hands or breath on them, or I'll go run them under hot water in the bathroom to make them look normal for a short time.

I live on a farm, very rural and there's lots of barbed wire fencing and broken wooden fences and lots of wild chickens and stray animals, I've cut myself a lot on all the fencing and often don't clean it out or cover it and continue working with the animals, I'm worried I might've gotten a infection and this is what caused all my problems, I don't know really, just a though. Thanks for any help everyone. :)

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  • First off, most teenagers will have skin problems of some kind, so don't feel alone. :)For all of these things, I recommend talking to your doctor about them. If it is caused by an infection, you can treat the infection, usually quite easily. They could also be being caused by or at least irritated by your anemia.I have very very pale skin, so I understand how wicked the sun can be. I've gotten rashes from sun exposure too. Try using sun block and see if that helps. You can keep a bottle in your gym bag and apply it before going out. If your classmates give you flack, you can always cite the dangers of UV damage to skin. :P My father died from skin cancer that spread to his brain, so I'm a walking talking advertisement for proper UV protection. Although I'd test this on a weekend to make sure it doesn't actually make the redness worse! It could also be caused simply by heat, or, since you say it's only on your legs, perhaps from contact with grass or pollen? Talk to your gym teacher and ask if it would be ok to wear loose-fitting pants like sweat pants instead of shorts for outside.The hands and feet problems in cold weather seems to be more of a circulatory problem which could be related to your anemia. My hands and feet are rather susceptible to cold too, and having been in marching band and performing out in the wicked November cold with just a tiny layer of cotton between my hands and the harsh wind, I've experienced the worst of it. There were times where I couldn't even feel the clarinet in my hands or even feel my feet! Try marching when you can hardly feel the ground under you! Just wear gloves as often as you can and dress warmly.
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    • October 11, 2010
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