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Strange red spots on skin that appear and disappear quickly

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  • Posted By: Cassie85
  • May 8, 2009
  • 10:04 AM

Hi, I hope someone here can help me as I'm getting quite worried!

Since November/December last year I've been getting strange red spots on my skin. I usually only get around 2 or 3 a month, although yesterday I got a large one on my back followed today by another smaller one close by.

Basically, it tends to start out as slight itching and when I look, theres a small white bump on the skin surrounded by a red patch where the skin is a big angry and inflamed. This usually happens on my back. After a while, and very quickly if i put anti-itch cream or calomine lotion on it, it calms down until theres just a small red spot left on the skin where the raised white spot was originally, that would probably be mistaken for an acne spot on my back. Eventually it fades away completely although the red spot is there for quite a while usually. Yesterday however, the white spot was larger and sort of sausage shaped which gave me quite a fright. I'm not sure if scratching it made it flare up angrier than usual.

Aside from these strange spots on my back, I've had a few other symptoms such as itchy red spots on my neck - again usually just one at a time. They itch for a start then calm down and are just a very small red spot. I haven't had one of these for a while now although I was getting them regularly for a few months.

I've also had spots on my stomach - but just little red spots, not behaving the same way as the ones on my back. They dont tend to bother me by itching or anything. I've had a few of these kind of spots on my arms and legs too but not as many.

I'm so worried its something serious and I just keep putting off going to the doctor. I feel quite well in myself so i tell myself its nothing but what on earth could it be as i cant find anything to fit this on the internet?

I'd really appreciate any advice, thank you so much

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  • Time to see the doctor. Could be some kind of hives, in my case the red spots are ... as well as the bumps ... but they are just red bumps with no white center/bump with breakouts, nor any that remain, and do not appear as acne spots (fully healed or still unhealed, as a acne scar ... don't resemble acne at any point or time). It I scratch the hives and break the skin, then yes, there is a pigmentation change (white spot) where the hive was, but it scabs over first because I've scratched, then where the bump was ... upon healing, a white spot remains due to removing top layers of skin with all the scratching; however, the white spot fades after a few weeks. In your case, it sounds somewhat like hives ... but perhaps some other kind of breakout. So please schedule an appointment to be certain; if you don't get an answer or referral, I suggest scheduling an appointment with a good allergist. Also, watch for any patterns that could point to allergy. Could there be something you have been exposed to just prior to these breakouts (it can take 15-30 minutes for a reaction)? A shampoo, soap, perfume, sunlight, powder, lotion, conditioner ... or a common ingredient within products that perhaps you could be sensitive or allergic to? Write down/journal everything you ingest and the products you use throughout the day, with the time/date; when you have these breakouts, look at your journal for the most-recent of these ... a possible culprits if this could be an allergic reaction of some kind. Also note any changes you have made, or could have made, since this began: products you may remember, new foods you have acquired a taste for, and so forth. Exposure to sunlight and even to outdoors at all (airborne causes), etc. Again, schedule an appointment with your doctor.
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