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So I really need some help. I have no health insurance and I have been to tje ER about 18 times j .

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 3, 2014
  • 08:09 AM

Red painful sores, sometimes no pain at all as if its not even my skin. Never healing. Triangular clear glass like mites that burrow ans are either accompanied by or evolve into a worm that is clear or Flesh colored, the worms crawl in your scalp and when lanced bleed a brown red blood with the oddest clotting the blood you bleed is substantial and round clots right away. My finger tips are dry rough and are infrsted with this situation my arms and lefs and now face and neck are no longer clear they are now sonething from a horror movie. Las r year at this timebi was a model perfect body face and I was pretty I felt beautiful. Now im covered in red painful bumps wuth worms and mites. I carry razor blade and peroxide and tweezers everywhere so I might be able to catch one so I can show a doctor. No one believes me and everyone thinks I have lost my mind I can pull these worms out but the glass like things are the most psinful. I hqve an 8year old daughter that i hqve had b to let move to her fathers because im afraid of what I may give her. Also im sure my dog has it as well please abyone help me. 47056400554


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  • OMG!I was just writing in my journal about living in this nightmare I too, thought was only in horror movies. I've lost all faith in doctors. Treated like I'm crazy. No one will even look at my proof. Arms,torso,leg & face covered in sores. Told doc how fast my skin was being eaten away. He said anemia can cause itching. Take iron & come back in 3 wks. WTHell!? Why won't they even do a skin scrape? They come out of my nose, eyes, & mouth, making me so sick. They leave deep 'S' shaped imprints.
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    • November 6, 2014
    • 07:01 PM
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  • I can completely relate to your situation. I began going through this about 3 years ago. I too had perfect skin and was proud of how nice my skin was for my age especailly. One morning I woke up with what I thought was hives. I had never had them but it was the only thing I could figure it to be. The nightmare went from bad to worse. I have considered maybe I have morgellions but that seems hard to believe as well. I have been told I was crazy and it drove me to actually attempt suicide.
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    • November 20, 2014
    • 09:53 PM
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  • I've had it for about 4 yrs. Every doctor ignores me just saying I have OCD. I do now, from trying to find out whats in my skin to prove to the dr Im not crazy lol. In 3 yrs all I can figure is either its in my clothes/bedding/car and my skins allergic to whatever it is. I no there were carpet beetles/larva and dead stink bug pieces around my house I inspected them and found weird things inside them. These stink bugs are new 2 the US and I believe they are spreading horsehair worms to humans possibly. I have tried every medication for humans/animals spent thousands of $ and none of them wk. Ive done all the crap for "morgellons" with NO luck. My 2 kids have it now and their dad. My parents thought I was on drugs and suggested that so many times I made them take me to the dr and had a drug test done, twice to prove I'm not on drugs or crazy. My mom searched my house and found the carpet beetles we bombed and have an exterminator come monthly. I keep prayn for help.
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    • January 13, 2016
    • 07:14 PM
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  • I personally think this is being dumped on us from the chemtrailing jets that are daily manipulating our weather. Look up CHEMTRAILS AND HAARP technology on youtube. weatherwars101 has some good videos and shows how its locally controlled as well using the weatherstations.
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