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Skin red/pinkish

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 28, 2008
  • 05:15 PM


Wonder if anyone can advice. I went into hospital in late January 08. Had a hernia repaired under GA and lymph node taken out for biopsy which was clear. When they did GA they just out me put and I went face down on bed. They have said they put monitoring equipment on me and made sure I was lying in supine position but they didnt .Maybe totally irrelevant anyway. When they found me who knows but they left the mask on bed and I
thought was sedative as had said was nervous.

Within couple of weeks of being out I had 2 main symptoms. Very red (blood shot) eyes upon rising in morning which disappeared after hour of so of being up and about. The other symptom was a red neck on outside and red throat (but not sore). Gradually seems that my skin has gone a light red/pink colour all over, nothing major but as if I have a very very light sunburn, but in my laymans mind as if their is some kind of reaction to something. It is noticeably different to when I went in to hospital but then again that may not be anything to do with this.
One of other main symptoms now is dry eyes and darkish eyes which I
never had before. Also ,although I have had this for long time, my tinnitus seems more noticeble now.

The only thing I know I have is a badly infected up molar, and I know that
there is a hole in base of sinus as dentist accidentally drilled too far once. Is it possible that the infection from tooth has gone up into the whole of my sinus and up into area behind my eyes ?. Is the possible as would explain things. Also have started coughing a lot in morning and feels like
have something like a ball of mucus stuck at back of throat/nose feeling but cannot clear it. Is it possible to have an infection of some kind for 11 months ?. Could it be pneumonia or tb as was in ward with people with
that ?. I feel crap every morning until about 2 hours after getting up. Dont have Diarrhea as such but for past 10 months it has been very runny and smells horrible (sorry the description).

Thanks for any suggestions.

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