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Skin hurts!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 29, 2010
  • 11:14 PM

I am so glad I found this forum! For years and years I have had mysterious skin pain! It usually starts in my low back on the left side...goes over the left butt and down to inside of thigh. Many times it makes my "sit bone" on the left very tender.

Years ago when it started....I noticed it mostly in my left leg. sometime it would start on the thigh sometime it would start down by the inside of my ankle. BUT it moves around...climbing up my leg.

I really believe it is viral....linked to herpes zoster...or some kind of virus that hides and rears up when I get really stressed. The first time I ever got it, I was a mom of 2 and 22 yrs old...going thru a divorce.

Thru out the yrs I would experience this. I would try to describe it to friends/family and they would just look at me like I was nuts. The times I have mentioned it to doctors, they mostly just ignore me : /

I haven't had it for quite sometime. I started on Mannatech products about 7 yrs ago and I really think that helped build my immune system. BUT lately I have been very stressed out...major life changing issues mixed with unexpected company, etc, etc. 2 days ago, I noticed that familiar pain in an unfamiliar place. It stated on the out side of my left foot back by my ankle. Then it moved to the bottom of my foot...up to the inside ankle, up the calf, and now is at the inside upper calf -knee - lower thigh area. This is about the worst pain I have ever felt! It was extremely difficult to sleep. I had taken an extra strength Aspirin earlier and it did nothing for the pain. Later I took 1/2 of an old pain med my husband had after heart surgery. It mostly made me sleepy....kind of "softened" the pain but didn't take it away. To sleep I had to take an over the counter sleep aide. I slept but still in the back ground could feel the pain. This morning it is still in the same place....not quite as intense.

I hope it doesn't keep moving up cuz when it does get to the "crotch" area...it is really dreadful....even my bladder hurts when I go pee when that happens!

When it is this severe, besides just the general all over burning pain, I get waves of stabbing pain too.

I have read articles about internal shingles. They allude to the fact that you can get this sensitive skin after a bout of shingles. I had shingles ones...on the left side rib cage. AND it was about the time....some time later....that I started getting this weird skin pain. That is why I think it is some kind of latent virus living on the nerve cells...that comes alive when I get way stressed!

I spent my life as a kid having fever blisters all the time....which is herpes also...right?

Mahalo for all of your posts. It really is a relief to know that others have the same thing going on....altho sorry to hear anyone else has this unbearable pain!!

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