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Ring Worm, Psoriasis, Eczema...huh?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 25, 2008
  • 03:29 AM

Alright, first I'll let you know this was diagnosed as ringworm after a quick medical exam at the university health center. The problem is, she assumed a red spot on my leg (which wasn't itchy, or associated with the problem) was the site where it started and to apply the anti-fungal cream there. I was rather skeptical, to say the least.

So here's the symptoms (that make me really confused as to what this is):

1. Started with incredibly dry elbows, worse than has ever happened. Itching soon follows, along with red bumps, and since then I've started moisturizing. The thick sections of dead skin have peeled away and my elbows are fine, save for still itching sometimes, and the bumpy texture isn't completely gone.

2. A weird itch/bug bite on my index finger appears around the same time. The skin has little dabs of red/brown, and is stiff. Since then, the first spot has spread out and now there's small blister-like, itchy bumps around the affected area, and ALSO clustered on my other index finger, and perhaps a few growing on some of my other fingers.

3. When I started moisturizing for the itchy elbows, around the same time my whole body starts itching. It seems to start with an irritation in my foreskin, but that goes away soon (I don't know if it was related). It's not localized to any area, there's no rash, and it doesn't stop. I take a shower, and it doesn't go away. Soon, the first rash to be seen is on my thighs. Dry, small bumps appear in scattered clusters on my inner thighs. Itching increases there BEFORE the bumps appear, and then the same happens to the backs of my arms.

Bumps appear AFTER itching starts, but itching continues. The thing is, the places that itch THE MOST relatively, have no bumps, and only after a day or two of scratching do the bumps appear (and continue with itching, but a little less than before). Note: I was itching insanely for 6 days, and now it has subsided considerably (but not completely, and any place I scratch still has the feeling of "this place is itchy").

Bumps (which are like miniature bug bites, spread out or clustered) are now in the following places (chronologically): inner thighs, backs of arms, area just behind armpits (not in armpits), insides of forearms, stomach, and upper legs.

This all started one week ago. I started using Benadryl around Saturday, and used up the last of it today. The itching seemed to subside moderately with that (sometimes...). I finally got the anti-fungal cream today, but now I'm worried because these blister-bumps on my fingers appeared last night, and spread today.

I was skeptical about ringworm because the rash wasn't spreading by touch, and there was no "ring" or site of infection. The rash is symmetrical on the left and right of my body. Plus, for several days my ENTIRE body (from the neck down, excluding hands and feet) was itching, which signifies an immune system issue (correct?). The spreading of the blisters on my fingers (which barely itch) prompted me to try the antifungal cream (Terbinafine Hydrochloride -- couldn't afford Lotramin). Also, this is developing relatively slowly.

The only similar account I've found is this: http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/653054
Describing the bumps on the fingers and elbows, but they don't report having a full-body rash. In fact, I've found no account of this kind of full-body rash associated with ring worm, perhaps eczema but that doesn't explain the finger issue (and I don't have a history of it), and I don't understand psoriasis completely, but also doesn't seem to account for the nature of the rash (small bumps).

I have no allergies, the only change in outer stimuli would be Lubriderm lotion for my elbows, and Tums a week beforehand for a flare of acid reflux; I also go to the gym every Tuesday and Thursday (which led to the ringworm idea). No bugs in sheets (dorm room), no new detergents/soaps, no food allergies (though ironically it all started the day after a friend told me they had eczema).


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  • In case anyone happens upon this with the same symptoms, I'm pretty sure I've narrowed it down to none of the above.It seems to be: scabies. The red lines on the mark on my finger are their "tunnels." And the bumps are spreading rapidly on my fingers now, and the rash is still spreading despite use of the anti-fungal cream.I'll be going into health services tomorrow to get them to prescribe me the medication to deal with this. I'm glad I figured it out quickly. A lot of people seem to deal with this kind of stuff for a long time before actually solving the problem. I can't handle this much longer, it's too distracting and now it's preventing me from sleeping.
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    • October 26, 2008
    • 09:13 PM
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