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Reoccuring Abscess-My story-help!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 2, 2011
  • 04:05 AM

Iam a healthy 20 year old woman and I too have had a reoccuring abscess problem. It started about 5 months ago, when I woke up to a rather large gross looking bump on my left inner thigh. I immediatly figured it was a terrible ingrown hair or something like that.

I tried popping it cause I honestly just wanted this ugly thing off my body. Anyway this caused it to get way worse, very hot, very swollen, and extremely painful. I dont have health insurance so I had to wait a couple days to see a sliding scale doctor and by this time I could barely walk. It felt as if my whole left leg was getting stabbed over and over. Every muscle in that leg hurt, and Iam not exaggerating.

I went to the doctor and they were going to try and lance it to take a culture but I had already lanced it at home before the doctor so they couldnt get any thing out of the abscess. Anyway all the doctor did was give me a strong anti-biotic that would help MRSA incase I did have it and sent me on my way.

After a couple days I thought I would be better, but I was still taking anti-biotics and the pain was so severe that I was taking extra strength tylenol constantly... and honestly that hardly helped it just put me to sleep. I had been missing alot of school and work and finally I decided to go back to the doctor. I came in and they asked me about the pain.. "looks like its getting better" is really all they said and sent me away again.

I was extremely frusterated and I felt as if the doctors honestly didnt know what they were talking about. They gave me little help, hardly explained what this could be caused by or how I could prevent this, didnt even tell me to keep the wound wrapped and didnt inform me that it could be contagious or reoccuring.

I went home frusterated and just sat in bed. Thankfully, my boyfriend being the good man he is.. was over at my house every day keeping my mind off things and helping as much as he could. However, the next day he came over and I had noticed a small bump on his stomache. He passed it off saying no its just a zit or something.. I explained to him that was exactly what I thought and it was not just a zit. I became really depressed for a couple days not feeling any hope and just thinking the problem was getting worse.

Finally, my wound started to heal and I was not in so much pain. It left a tiny purple scar like you were saying.. but now my boyfriend had one. I told him to go to the doctor and sure enough.. the doctor didnt explain much. Told him if it was MRSA he had that its very hard to get and you would basically have to wipe your snot on a open wound of someone else. He gave him anti-biotics and that was it. (My boyfriend has medical insurance btw)

Now, his wasnt so bad it was going away and we finally felt hopeful again.

Then we came home to my uncles(who lives with me) hand swollen, very red, and severely painful. He went to the hospital and it turns out it was a very bad case of MRSA. It took him a long time to get better and this time my house took every caution to keep sanitized and clean. We cleaned everything and he was basically restricted from touching anything. He finally got better.

But now this problem I thought was over is still going on... I have gotten probably 5 or 6 more abscess's all leaving a nasty purple scar and my boyfriend is on his second. Him and I are very positive people but this has honestly got us losing hope.. We dont know what to do anymore, and the doctors seem to be no help.

Help please and if anyone has similar stories or experiences please write.
Thanks for reading guys.

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