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Red spots on skin (arms) after "working out"?

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  • Posted By: RedOctober45
  • November 20, 2009
  • 03:47 PM


Back in June when I was packing to move and lifting heavy boxes, I lifted one in particular that strained my arms and made them instantly sore for a bit. While looking at my arms, I saw a bunch (on both arms) little flat red spots that do not blanch. I threw it off as broken blood vessels, which made sense at the time. The only thing that was different is that they were spread out (individual spots that were distinct) and not in groups, like I am usually use to seeing with them. Most were extremely tiny and did not represent any kind of spider pattern, just a red spec you could say.

So, here in November, they never actually went away and they are still on my arms and did not seem to really spread to anywhere else, I did find maybe 1 on my legs and maybe 2-3 on my stomach but that is it, but I didn't start monitoring them till now so I don't know if some go away and new ones appear. They are most dominant on my right bicep on my arm. Some you can barely see unless under good light. Very few of them are actually larger but all of them are 1mm or less in size.

However, I was recently engaged in sexual activity with my significant other in which the positions I use really strained my arms, sometimes to the point in which they begin to shake. So afterwards, I noticed this small cut on my left arm bicep that really wasn't bleeding but was a bit red but in the center of this cut was a little blood mark, like a broken capillary. Beside this cut was a separate little red spot that looked "fresh" with blood, but very tiny. Few days later, the cut has healed that same dot looks like a scab type color now. From the group I chose to monitor on my other arm seemed to fade slightly in this time period but not 100% sure.

So my question, can extreme stress on my arm cause these red spots or are those recent ones I noticed possibly related to the same cause as this? my skin is fairly thin on these areas of my arm and my significant other thought that might have had something to do with it. I am thinking about getting a check-up soon but I wonder if this is for immediate concern as it has been almost 6 months. I have blood pressure taken every not and then (last in Feb.) and it is always perfect. I have no other unusual symptoms. I never found any evidence on the internet about exercising causing this.

Thanks for any advice!

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  • I have the exact same thing. I noticed The red spots on my forarm and biceps. It looked like a ringworm and thats what i thought it was but it was all over Both arms. they started small and got bigger. I went to the doctor and he gave me anti fungis cream. it seemed to work. the red spots went away. Im still on the cream its called "miconazole nitrate 2% cream actav" it seems like when i do intense arm work outs the spots return in different locations but still on my arms. I dont know what it is but it seems like the cream works... just working out inflames the spots... it worryies me because i dont want my girl to freak out and withhold sex:( that would be gay
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