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PLEASE help me!!! My face (photo included)

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 27, 2009
  • 02:05 AM

I have had this rash for over 8 months. It has taken away my self confidence. I can't go out, I can't do anything I used to be able to do, without feeling absolutely disgusting.

Steroid cream worked for 3 days, then had no effect. It is sore, itchy and seeps oil. A good day for me is when it's very rough and dry, but the pimples are not seeping. That is as good as it ever gets.

I know it has little blisters/pimples but it is not acne. It's sometimes inside my nose, always below my nose and always fierce around my mouth.

Please give me some advice... I'm desperate... I have no life anymore because of it. I have always had nice skin, so this is really hard for me to deal with.

Thank you.



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  • It is called "perioral dermatitis", which is more or less what I call a "trash diagnosis" because it means "rash around the mouth", and you (and other patients) already know that. Nonetheless, that is the name given by the dermatological community for what you have. PD is a subtype of acne, and responds to medication very well. Therefore, like all medical conditions, you should see a doc and let them prescribe something for you. Topical steroids will cause this condition, so using them to treat it will not help and in fact would be stupid to do so.
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  • i have the exact same thing and it is PD. I finally figured out that certain toothpaste make me break out. I can't use any whiting toothpaste. try regular crest. it should clear up in a few days. I spent the night away a few days ago and had to use another type of toothpaste and sure enough im broke out now. Good luck.
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    • October 14, 2010
    • 01:21 AM
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  • Hi ! here are some types of skin rashes you may want to know.check it out it may help! Red Skin Bumps When red colored skin bumps form it can be from a multitude of causes including developing pimples or acne, insect bites, eczema, chicken pox, psoriasis, folliculitis, and shingles but the most common reason for red skin bumps is your body reacting to an allergy. Allergies that cause red skin bumps range from food or medicine based allergies to pollen, dust mites or mold. Colorless Skin Bumps Colorless skin bumps are often insect bites but can also be developing acne or signs of problems underneath the skin. If the colorless bump itches then it is likely a mosquito bite or an allergy. If the bump is hard it may be a cyst or nodule under the skin. If the bump is under the skin you may want to get a biopsy if the bump is changing in size or reoccurring. Puss Filled Skin Bumps If you have skin bumps that are filled with puss it is important to determine the color of the puss. If it is clear puss then it might be eczema or a blister. If it is blood filled puss then it might be psoriasis or a bug bite. If it is white puss then it might be acne. If it is yellow puss it might be herpes or a bacterial or viral infection.
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    • October 21, 2010
    • 06:34 AM
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